honored & humbled.


It's not everyday you get practically naked in front of strangers.


Now that you have that image in your head, it's kind of nerve wracking, right? Well, needless to say, I did a lot of research on boudoir photographers in the Denver area before deciding on UtG. My top priorities as I searched?? Well, obviously a high degree of comfort was up on the list which is easily sensed from their website and only to be followed up after meeting in person. Another equally important priority was the quality of work. After pouring through websites of different photographers, UtG's work really did stand out from the rest. There really was no comparison. Ray takes the photographs from a man's perspective and the photos get edited from Melissa's perspective (as she knows what we are so self conscious about!). The formula makes total sense. Thus, choosing UtG was a no-brainer for me.

Fast forward to the day of the shoot -- my hair and make-up looked amazing. I wish I could look like that every day! Ray (UtG) shot the photographs of me in about 3-4 outfits and made me feel very comfortable the entire time. I was really nervous which I'm sure he could tell -- he would then crack a joke to make me laugh which helped more than he could ever know. Also of note -- I am a tomboy type with no modeling experience, and Ray and Melissa made the shoot practically a breeze. There was no need to act "unnatural" -- they guided me throughout the entire shoot and even assisted with fine tuning (i.e. where to place my hands, hair placement -- that kind of stuff). It really felt like they were shooting photos of me in my element.

A few weeks later, my hubs and I viewed the photographs for the first time at the studio. They looked absolutely amazing. I really thought there were only going to be about 3-5 photos I would want, but it took me over 2 hours to pour over 40+ photos to decide (sorry, UtG!). The photos looked that gorgeous. There were several "natural" photos that I had no idea they took! It was a great surprise. The photos looked so good -- I barely recognized myself, but my hubs disagreed and said the photos caught my best features and portrayed how he sees me. At the end of the day, I ended up ordering 25-30 photos in total across 3 products they offered (leather book of 15 photos, photo box of 6 photos, and mobile app of 21 photos).

My advice after all of this?
1) Book UtG.
2) Spend the time to really invest in this process (i.e. Pinterest).
3) Cooperate with Ray and Melissa. They really know what they are doing, how you will look your best, and have your best interest at heart. You will thank yourself when you see the results -- your photos will be amazing!

-- Mrs. H. 11/26/2014

I wanted to thank all of you guys for a wonderful experience. I was very nervous and each of you in your own way helped me relax. I looked and felt more beautiful and sexy yesterday than I ever have in my life. When Ray showed me some of the photos he took, I couldn’t believe that really beautiful woman was me. Over the 4 hours I was there I learned to be more confident and embrace my inner and outer beauty. Thank you all for that!
— Rachel

WOW!! An "Under the Garter" experience to remember. Thank you for helping me see how beautiful I am!!

Some people say that I am, but I have never felt like the pretty girl. I have never cared to see my image in print. I would rather be behind the camera than in front of it, if you know what I mean...Had many doubts about the results, but, wow did I have to eat my words. I have to admit it, when I saw my pictures, I was blown away. Who knew I was a knock out...Ray and Melissa knew right away. And they were eager to help me see how beautiful I am, and show me how special some pampering would make me feel. I am so very pleased and appreciative of their time, instruction, and patience. I was probably the worst client they could ask for, a real challenge in needing reassurance every step of the way, but they were champions of me, and made it a great session. If you are wondering what awaits you in your visit, let me share with you my experience, and what you may expect.

Ray welcomed my sister and I into their studio greeting us with treats and relaxing beverages. Ray spent time understanding my fears, and set up clear expectations about what to expect from him during the shoot. We then spent some time with Melissa who explained the next steps for hair, make up, and outfit changes. Both Ray and Melissa were concerned that I was happy with the results and during the consultation asked what poses, or images I would like to emulate. Feeling confident that we were on the same page, I was handed over to hair and makeup. The nicest ladies you will ever meet. We were old friends in less than 20 minutes. I trusted them completely with their vision of me. Sensuous, sexy, and over the top beautiful. What is not to trust with that? We moved into the pictures and I was nervous, but Ray guided me. Melissa was supportive and played music that was relaxing, inspiring, and allowed me to channel my inner diva.  And not to leave out my beautiful sister who was wonderful as my "personal assistant." With no better way to describe it, I was a professional model for a day. I loved it, from beginning to end.

I know some women do seek out this experience for someone they love, a gift for lonely nights. For me, this was an exercise in loving me. Something we women frequently forget to do. The result...absolutely gorgeous pictures that remind me of how beautiful and special I am. Reminding me that even if I don't see it everyday "I am beautiful!"

-- Carla T. 4/30/2014

When I took my husband to see the pictures I already knew they would be amazing, but he was blown away, in fact he had trouble speaking.
— Mrs. R

What a great way to get your sexy back!!!

After leaving a long-term relationship that left me questioning my own value and worth as a sexy, alluring woman, Ray and Melissa helped me see that it was definitely still there!!!

I came for my shoot having no real idea what the day may hold. I was greeted warmly and cheerfully by both Melissa and Ray, as well as two delightful young ladies who promptly worked their magic with hair and makeup!

At the end of the day I felt beautiful, empowered and once again, confident as the beautiful woman that I truly am. Many thanks for such a wonderful, safe and confidence boosting experience!

-- Mrs. P. 5/5/2014

He was — in his words — “flustered.” It takes a LOT to fluster him, but those photos certainly did. He even turned red and was practically speechless It was GREAT!
— Mrs. P.

We ordered a beautiful 10x10 album, mostly because of the incredible quality, and we couldn't believe that we received it less than a week after we ordered it.

At this point I wasn't even surprised that it turned out to be completely flawless, and we will cherish and value this book forever. It was completely worth every penny, and I cant wait to do this again someday.

I was more than a little nervous to go in for a shoot like this, being photographed almost naked is most people's worst nightmare. I wanted to have these pictures taken for my husband, but even more than that I wanted to have them taken for me.

When you walk into the studio space of Under the Garter you feel like you're in a brightly lit apartment. There's nothing "inappropriate" about the place, instead, everything is comfortable and soft, and your favorite music is playing in the background. Having your makeup and hair done by professionals makes for a delightful morning, and the coffee and mimosas doesn't hurt either.

Now for the scary part. Well, it turns out that its not that scary after all. Ray and Melissa are the absolute definition of professional. They tell you exactly how to pose, and you get to watch Ray demonstrate a lot of them, which to me meant that they are willing to be vulnerable too. Its an odd thing to do, but it was so fun, and there was so much laughter.

These two have the experience of Boudoir photography down to an art, and it makes perfect sense. They are both so smart and funny, and they work together as a seamless team.

-- Mrs. R. 1/10/2015

I just wanted to share my gratitude for such a fun, exciting and neat experience, that I was initially very nervous about. . . Everything was top notch.
— Mr. and Mrs. V

There are many reasons to have sexy pictures taken...

Whatever the occasion this Dynamic duo are great for the task. Sometimes it takes the artistry of two wonderful people to bring out someones inner beauty and boost their confidence.  

I had my first baby almost 1 year ago and haven't felt very sexy since... then I had a 3 hour session with Ray and Melissa.  I felt like royalty, getting my hair done, glamorous makeup and all!  All the while having great conversation which made me feel very relaxed.  With great direction and expert creativity during the shoot I was not only comfortable but I felt like a celebrity.  They helped make me feel beautiful again, and this was before I even saw the photos!  The results were stunning.  The beauty shots captured me in a whole new light.  The boudoir photos made me feel very sexy but were classy enough I was proud to show my family.  In the modeling industry they say you want the models to look better in print than they actually do in person.  Well ladies and gentlemen, Under the Garter was able to do that for me, and more!

Would you like to have lots of fun?   Need to feel beautiful again?  Want a special gift for someone who deserves something out of the ordinary?  This is the perfect thing!

-- Sarai G. 3/3/2013

What an amazing experience to have with my best friend! I never felt uncomfortable or awkward! I felt amazing and sexy! What a fun time! Thanks to you all!
— -- Mrs. G.

Being almost 8 months pregnant doesn't always feel sexy. This mama to be is SO grateful to have had this day to get spoiled.

After seeing some of the raw shots on the camera from my maternity boudoir session, I feel completely different about my baby bump and extra body bumps :) I really just stood or laid there and got amazing and easy direction from the team on posing and didn't want my session to be over. They captured me in the best light, and nothing was unflattering. They know their stuff!

Being in front of the camera was even more amazing than being behind it and seeing all the beautiful work Under the Garter does.

-- Ally T 11/12/2014





My girlfriend is hot. But when she was pregnant with our daughter, she wasn't feeling very much so.

An opportunity to photograph with Under The Garter came about halfway through her pregnancy and I convinced her that she would regret not getting photos done while she had the chance. Ray and Melissa's portfolio is something we went over and decided that they'd be a great company to do these with. We are floored by the results, and she plans on going in for a second session when she feels like she's lost all the weight that she's wanted to lose from the pregnancy.

Ray and Melissa are a great team and they made my girlfriend feel more than comfortable from the moment we stepped in their studio. As a guy, I wasn't at all put off by the idea of another guy photographing her either, because this is a professional setting with professional people. This is something Ray does all the time, and just wants the best quality work from himself and his wife, so at no point did I consider it to be an uncomfortable event. As such, don't expect poorly dressed slimeballs with a semi-fancy camera trying to get women's clothes off - it isn't that.

-- Brian F. 3/20/2014


I felt pampered and I felt beautiful.

I recently got divorced and I was feeling less than great about myself.

I knew about boudoir photos but I thought they were just for women to give to their partners...I was wrong! Melissa and Ray said boudoir photos are a great gift to yourself; a gift that might help restore my feelings of self worth and beauty.

I am thrilled I listened and took a chance to do something nice for myself.

-- Miss C. 10/16/2014


To say I felt glamorous the day of the shoot is an understatement.  I had an entire team dedicated to making the pictures perfect!

The hair stylist was super cool, the makeup stylist made me feel like a million bucks, AND it was being taped for a promo! Celebrity status here I come:)  lol

As soon as I started the wedding planning process, I knew I had to have Boudoir shots taken. After simply searching around on Google, Under the Garter was my choice!

What initially attracted me to them was their simple to navigate, clean website.  Being in the tech industry, I am a stickler when it comes to web design, and the site far exceeded any other boudoir sites around Denver.  

When I met Melissa for a consultation, I quickly connected to her. She was warm, inviting, and made me feel at ease with the process of getting my pictures taken.  

I was comfortable the entire time. I highly recommend Under the Garter. Super cool couple, professional environment, affordable prices.  5 stars in my book:)

-- Rochelle M. 4/30/2014


I had my photo shoot this past Saturday and I'm still smiling about it!

Melissa and Ray are so professional and made me feel comfortable the entire time. They had me laughing through most of the photo shoot!

It's difficult to pick my favorite part of the experience! The hair and makeup artists are fabulous! I have never felt more glamorous! Melissa gladly helped me when I needed assistance with an outfit. Ray was so professional, I never felt uncomfortable in his presence. They even had chocolates for me!

I filled out a questionnaire before I went in and it asked me my favorite music, favorite parts of my body among other things. When I arrived my favorite music was playing and we got started. I was a little nervous at first, but Melissa and Ray provide such a calm environment, it's hard to not be calm!

Melissa and Ray are a great team and they are definitely in the right industry. I would recommend them to anyone!

-- Mary M. 1/12/2015