Your Privacy.

Boudoir photographers are very discreet and will NEVER show any of your photos to anyone without your permission
— Huffington Post

We take your privacy very seriously. We know that your boudoir photos are intimate and want you to feel safe and comfortable during your session. Not every client wants to share their photos, while some clients prefer to share anonymous photos. We also give you the option of allowing us to put your photos in our studio, but not online. Whatever you decide is totally up to you and we will never pressure you to let us share your photos.  

Feel comfortable having your photos shared, but don't want them found when someone Googles your name? We never refer to you by your name and won't tag you on social media. We're happy to pick out an alias for you or you can share one that you'd like us to use. 

Have more questions about privacy? Contact us and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions!