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The Art of You


The photography at Under the Garter is unmatched. Its absolutely gorgeous, artistic, straight out of a high end magazine
— Mrs. J

Boudoir image of woman on floor reflected in floor mirror


Boudoir Portrait of Seated Woman's Face in Shadow


Boudoir portrait of woman in blue lingerie reclined on red velvet Victorian chaise


  Bridal Boudoir Photo Denver Woman in Lace Dress in Mirror

Boudoir portrait of woman wearing 1960s fashion hat

Boudoir Photo Denver woman's cleavage and engagement seen ring through headboard

Boudoir Photo of Marie Antoinette in Lace Corset

Boudoir Photo Denver woman seated on velvet chaise

Boudoir image of woman's gaze with brown eyes

Boudoir Photo Denver Woman in Through Chandelier

Boudoir Photo Denver woman on floor in lace robe

Boudoir Photo Denver woman seated in antique chair



Boudoir Photo of Woman Reclined of Wood Floor In Lingerie

Boudoir portrait of Asian woman on bed with flowers

Boudoir image of African-American woman reclined in black lingerie wearing pearls

Boudoir portrait of woman with shadows on face reclined on velvet chaise