Yes! Nearly every client we've ever worked for said the same thing before their session. Which men or women in our portfolios asked the same question? Nearly every one! Boudoir is for every body.

You tell us. We have a paper form for you to indicate whether you want your portraits 100% private, available everywhere or anywhere in between. Some clients are private. Some less so.

  • Do you offer hair and makeup?

Professional hair, makeup (and a one-hour facial gift certificate) are included in our session. The techniques women use for daily makeup application vary and can have mixed results on camera. Why risk it? We use only professional hair and makeup.

We encourage you to wear anything that is sentimental to you! We've had clients bring in everything from snowboards and skateboards to office attire to flour and aprons. When it comes to lingerie, lace photographs beautifully.

Still have questions? Melissa will help you select items that are both flattering and personal to you. You can also check out our What to Bring Pinterest board.

  • Where should I shop for lingerie?

That depends on your taste in lingerie, body type and budget. We recommend Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur and we've found some really sexy vintage lingerie at Regal Vintage. Want sexy heels for your shoot, but don't like to wear them daily? has a wide variety of heels for very reasonable prices.

  • Your place or mine?

We offer sexy photo shoots in our own natural-light photo studio.

  • What does it cost?

Our boudoir photography session (including pro hair, makeup and posing direction) is $399. Fine art canvases, Italian-leather-bound photo albums and even our slideshow app (included in specific product packages.)

I promise you will be in good hands, feel comfortable (and have a lot of fun.)
— Rebecca