Meet Mrs. M

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“I want to be more confident.”

How many times have we asked ourselves this question?

I know I have. Sometimes multiple times a day. Confidence really does seem to be the key from which all other things flow. Friendship. Relationships. Career. Successes.

Not that we can’t have those things without confidence, but you know what I mean.

Without confidence, doubt seems to always find a way to creep in and sabotage things.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that we can grow our confidence. We can increase our confidence in an activity through practice. We can strengthen our confidence in our relationships and friendships through communication and trust. We can achieve confidence in our career through learning, mentoring, and preparation.

A trip to Under the Garter is a journey of confidence. From the moment you email us about booking a boudoir session, we give you information to make informed decisions. We guide you through the process of looking and feeling your best!

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Mrs. M recently experienced this for herself.

I emailed Under the Garter and within the same day I had a response. Very easy process.
— Mrs. M

We know how intimidating the entire process can feel. That’s why we listen and communicate with you every step of the way.

Not many people know this, but a successful boudoir session starts before you even step foot in the building. We supply you with information to look and feel like a deity.

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The tips about prepping your skin was amazing. It helped tremendously!
— Mrs. M

By the time you step foot in our LoHi neighborhood studio in Denver, any doubts you might still have will be eliminated when you sit down with our world class hair and makeup artists.

This is the same treatment that supermodels receive for international photo shoots. And the best part? They love giving you little tips and tricks you can use at home!

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Working with Ray inspires its own kind of confidence. Being an internationally published photographer means that he knows how to work with you, the light, and the vintage furniture in our studio to help you look stunning.

Afterwards, when you get to your photo reveal, the effect is complete.

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I still can’t believe it’s me. Definitely feel more confident about myself today!
— Mrs. M

Though we’ve helped hundreds of people increase their confidence, it still feels powerful and amazing every time we see someone look at themselves with new eyes.

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