We LOVE this men’s intimate wear

boudoir photography denver viktor men underwear chair.jpg
boudoir photography denver viktor men underwear.jpg

We love promoting intimate wear on our website, but it’s not often we have a recommendation for our male and masculine presenting clients.

All of that changes today.

Say hello to Viktor.

Their website says they’re the world’s most comfortable, best looking underwear and we have to agree.

We’ve seen all of their products and believe me when I say these are THE SOFTEST underwear I’ve ever touched. Honestly, I’m tempted to buy a pair for myself. You’re definitely going to want to buy them for a special someone in your life.

We all talk a lot about self care when it comes to women, but it’s just as important for men. And wearing these super soft, luxurious underwear all day will definitely feel like self care. And, as you can see, they’re pretty damn sexy so they’re going to feel like self care for you when he takes off his pants. ;)

The very best part? Under the Garter clients and fans get 15% off their orders! Just use the discount code underthegarter15 at checkout!

(Photos provided by Viktor) (No, this isn’t a sponsored post. We just really love their product).

boudoir photography denver viktor underwear vertical.jpg