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Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Honeydew who?

Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?

Our recent session with Ms. B got me thinking about how boudoir is like a good joke. Except, instead of a punchline, you have an amazing moment of self-actualization.

We had so much fun with Ms. B! From the initial emails, we knew that we were going to have a blast working with her.

From the moment she walked into our Denver, Colorado studio, we knew this would be a special experience for her.

We went right to work. If you call chocolate, champagne, getting primped by the best makeup and hair specialists in Denver work. Which we do!

Everyone was amazing and welcoming.  You don’t expect to tell knock knock jokes when lying on the floor in your lingerie. But that’s how comfortable and fun the experience was. From the warm welcome Melissa gave, to the early morning giggles with the hair and makeup artists, to Ray taking time to give you a few tips and, really, reminding you to just be yourself . . . it felt like an adventure with friends.
— Ms. B
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Everyone has a different reason for getting a boudoir session.

From one-of-a-kind gifts for weddings and anniversaries to memorializing one’s point in life, we love learning everyone’s reasons.

I made the decision to do the boudoir photos as a gift to myself because I had been through a lot last year and decided to make 2019 The Year of Me.
— Ms. B
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Regardless of the reason, it’s a journey that often changes people. We love going on that journey with our clients!

We work within the comfort level of all of our clients. Ms. B felt most comfortable swapping jokes with us. I love that contrast of sensual poses with absolutely corny humor!

There was so much shared laughter during the shoot! Ray made it clear that some of the best shots he takes are the unabashedly “you” shots, where you are laughing or not actively thinking “be sexy” or “be seductive.” We told bad “Dad” puns and knock knock jokes and laughed while I contracted my muscles and Ray climbed up over and under furniture to get the best shot. The most amazing thing is that, in a lot of the photos, Ray captured my personality exactly ... but he could not have done so had I not felt as comfortable as I did.
— Ms. B
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The end result can be seen in the photos. Absolutely gorgeous and spell-binding.

But the best part, for us, is helping people complete their journey of self-actualization and growth in confidence.

I never thought of myself as model material. For the first time in my life, I saw a beautiful and vibrant woman before me. My boyfriend came with me to the reveal and admitted that, when I got choked up, he did too ... because he saw me seeing myself as he sees me and he honored to see that awakening. He also later said, “My girlfriend is hot AF,” which was a wildly entertaining and amazing compliment for someone who never saw herself as anything more than adorable and cute.
— Ms. B
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No punchline there. Only the reveal. The reveal of the way your lovers really see you.

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