Mrs. R

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There is this mistaken belief that boudoir is all about conforming to some fake stereotypical “supermodel” standard.

Vacant faces. Forced poses. Stock lingerie.


Boudoir is all about self expression! Just a part of yourself that few many ever get to see. ;)

That’s why we love it when people bring in their favorite outfits and props! Denver is full of some of the most creative people on the planet. And it definitely shows!

Mrs. R came to our LoHi Denver Boudoir studio wearing along Harry Potter style coat. It looked fantastic! So we naturally found a way to incorporate it into her session.

boudoir photography denver harry potter coat tattoo.jpg
Want to go a little crazy? Wear something that you didn’t think you could ever pull off! You’d be so surprised how amazing you look! You don’t realize how gorgeous you truly are sometimes and this just really shows you that!
— Mrs. R
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This was Mrs. R’s second time with us, so she knew what to expect with the luxury photography session. Chocolate. Champagne. Professional hair and makeup.

The hair and makeup ladies did everything so fast! I am a tomboy at heart, so I’ve never been really big into fancy makeup or hair. They literally transformed me into a vixen! My husband absolutely adored how my eyes turned out.
— Mrs. R

Another misconception people have about a luxury boudoir session is that it’s serious. The truth is that we work within your comfort level. Anything to get your feeling relaxed and at your best!

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boudoir photography denver tattoos lace slip.jpg
Ray makes you feel super comfortable and doesn’t pressure you to do any pose or outfit that would be beyond your comfort level. He’s super funny and just kept cracking “dad jokes” throughout the whole session. I love silly humor so it was perfect.
— Mrs. R
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With her second boudoir session, Mrs. R decided to push her boundaries more… to amazing results! Her confidence and spunk shine through in every photo!

I went a lot more risqué this second time around. I have always been self conscious about my breasts and the portraits made me super happy about them! I was even brave enough to do completely topless shots! They made me feel super beautiful.
— Mrs. R
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She knew this time around that boudoir is about more than just the photos. It’s about the entire experience!

It’s a spa-like atmosphere with a professional, internationally-published photographer who can help you explore your sensually creative side.

The new studio gives a whole other feeling to the pictures and gave a warmer experience. The viewing was very intimate and lovely. I am reusing the same words over and over again but EVERYTHING about Under the Garter is fantastic!
— Mrs. R
boudoir photography denver lace tattoos smile.jpg
boudoir photography denver burgundy lace bodysuit.jpg
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boudoir photography denver tattoos glasses.jpg
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