Meet Ms. C

I feel fortunate to be doing boudoir photography in Denver. Not only are the people here amazing and we have some of the best landscapes in the entire world, the sense of entrepreneurship is unparalleled.

Take Easy Float for example.

It’s a Denver business that specializes in sensory deprivation. It helps promote rest, healing, and relaxation!

And they extend a special discount to clients of Under the Garter Boudoir!

Our recent client, Ms. C, took advantage of this perk, plus all of the other amazing things we offer as part of our boudoir experience.

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boudoir photography sheer lace pearls long hair.jpg

Because that’s thing: boudoir is about so much more than sensual photos!

It’s about the entire journey, start to finish, all of the amazing things you get to experience, PLUS coming away with a beautiful keepsake that will last you the rest of your life!

In a world full of too many things with planned obsolescence, isn’t it great to invest in something with extremely high quality that is MEANT to last?

boudoir photography denver sheer sweater.jpg
My fiancée was over the moon and can’t wait to get the leather folio.
— Ms C

Even more than that, the boudoir experience tends to positively change those who go through the process.

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Too many of us experience that constant state of self-sacrifice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love helping other people. I love making sure that the people in my life know that I love them and care about them.

It’s equally as important to take care and spoil yourself, too!

boudoir photography denver bridal sheer dress.jpg

Ms. C got to undergo the full boudoir experience!

My favorite part would have to be just being able to open up and really seeing myself from others perspective. It was really awesome playing dress up and to feel like a model for a day.
— Ms C

One thing we hear over and over again is the experience of getting a professional hair and makeup makeover. Ally does a tremendous job listening to you, to fulfill your vision, and to make you look your best! Plus, so many people come away with new tips and tricks!

boudoir photography denver laughing sweater socks.jpg
Ally did an amazing job on my make up and my hair was perfect exactly how I envisioned it.
— Ms C

We know how intimidating it can feel to do a boudoir session. That’s why we craft the entire experience to be as painless as possible from the initial email! Everything we do is with your comfort and satisfaction in mind.

Do it! It’s so much fun and you completely forget your nervous after the first 2 photos because you’re so focused trying to pose. Ray does a phenomenal job making you feel comfortable and Melissa really helps you out every step of the way.
— Ms C
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