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The world population just hit 7.5 BILLION people for the very first time.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed getting through traffic or visiting the supermarket, much less imagining the sheer scope of fitting 7.5 billion people on this tiny blue marble rolling through space.

But when I think about every individual person, about their hopes and dreams, about their struggles and hardships, I’m left with a deep feeling of awe and amazement.

Even though there are so many people on this planet, one thing is certain: we are all unique in our own ways.

I see it every day at Under the Garter.

Luxury boudoir has a way of stripping away (literally and figuratively) the artifices that people use to surround themselves.

What we’re left with is the bare essence of a person.

And it’s always beautiful.

We loved working with Ms. A, recently.

And we especially loved her reasons for doing a boudoir session in our Denver studio.

I did this to feel comfortable in my skin again.
— Ms. A
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We’ve seen over and over that the boudoir experience is so much more impactful for the person in the photos than the ever anticipated. That experience is only amplified when the session is for their own benefit and growth.

Earlier in the year I had an intense breakup that resulted in me gaining weight and being the heaviest I’d been in years.
— Ms. A
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Every one of us is unique. And beautiful. And loveable. And worthy. No matter what happened in the past.

I’ve gone through my own long and intense journey to get to this place and I LOVE helping others find their own self-love. More often than not, it means celebrating the things that make you unique!

boudoir photography denver bodysuit fishnets wall.jpg

We were honored and thrilled when Ms. A stepped in our LoHi neighborhood Denver studio with her swagger and outfits.

It was a mix of something old and something new! We’re located in one of the oldest buildings in Denver (built in 1889!) filled with vintage furniture including a chaise, iron bed, and an exquisite vanity.

Then check out the juxtaposition with her amazing Spiderman bodysuit and Star Wars jacket!

boudoir photography denver star wars jacket.jpg
Working with you two helped me in ways beyond the fabulous pictures. For once I felt confident and worthy despite what my outward appearance was.
— Ms. A

The contrast of “nerdy” outfits with sexy lingerie creates a striking effect that celebrates the complete and beautiful essence of Ms. A on this busy, bustling planet.

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