Meet Mr. & Mrs. N

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One of the things that makes us feel great is when we get repeat clients.

Even better, is when they bring their significant other to do a boudoir session with them!

Mrs. N visited our LoHi studio to make a very special present for her husband. He loved the photos so much that he was inspired to visit us for a dudoir session.

She even joined for a few photos!

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Working with guys presents its own unique challenges, so it’s understandable when some guys are nervous.

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We go through a lot of the same preparations that we do for our female clients.

There are the initial emails where we find out what you want to do with your session. We give you tips and advice.

We go the extra mile to make sure everyone feels warmly welcomed and comfortable!

When you feel relaxed, your inner sexiness shines through!

Every guy still gets the royal treatment:


Some bubbly.

A goodie bag full of skincare products and more snacks.

We have the best makeup and hair artists in Denver, to ensure that your masculine energy radiates through the camera.

We loved our guys in all shapes and sizes. Often times, you’re at your sexiest when you’re just being yourself.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been hypnotized by my husband as he’s working on his motorcycle or washing the dishes.

Something about his sleeves being rolled up and watching the muscles on his forearms…

Mr. N did an amazing job settling into himself. Take a look for yourself at how graceful and powerful these pictures turned out!

We love the contrast of his well-toned body with the plush luxury of the vintage furniture in our studio.

Then when you add Mrs. N to the mix…

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couples boudoir photography denver male dudoir.jpg

Well, let’s just say we were tempted to crack open a window since it was getting so hot in there!

We loved the chemistry between these two. It was a great change of pace to capture their love and sexual tension.

We feel honored that so many people trust Under the Garter to create their forever memories through our boudoir photography.

We’ve found that it’s the perfect way to create a snapshot of this point in your life, to celebrate yourself and each other, and to create a unique, one-of-a-kind present that you just can’t get anywhere else!

We hope that Mr. and Mrs. N love their photos for years to come!

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male boudoir photography denver dudoir dress shirt.jpg
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