Meet Mrs. W

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Boudoir is about more than just the photos. It’s about the entire experience. 


Too often, in the rush of day to day life, we forget about ourselves. 

It’s not just in your head. Denver is getting busier and busier every day.

Especially the traffic.



There are so many things to do. Work. School. Holidays. Family. Dinner. Kids games. Taking care of spouses. Taking care of pets. 

What about taking care of ourselves?

It might seem counter intuitive, but it’s true. Boudoir photography is a perfect way to take a step back and to schedule a day for YOU.

We understand the importance of taking a step back and focusing on the important things and giving you our undivided attention. With us, you’ll never feel rushed. 

That’s why we only schedule one boudoir session per day.

We want you to feel relaxed and confident so that your inner awesomeness can shine through!

You’ll get treated with chocolates and champagne, made up with with the best hair and makeup stylists in Denver, given expert advice for sensual fashion choices, and work with our internationally published photographer. 

Our recent client, Mrs. W, got to experience the full Under the Garter experience.

She booked a session with us as a gift for her husband on their wedding day! 

We love helping people create these unique gifts for their lovers. It must show through, because Mrs. W said that’s the reason why she chose us for her perfect day.

You are seriously the best at what you do, and you see the quality of your love and passion of it within your work! It’s a perfect gift, I cannot wait!
— Mrs W

We listen to our clients and they give us amazing feedback.

We’ve found that the best way to help our clients look their best is to create classic and timeless looks. 

We have vintage furniture. People swoon over our red chaise, iron bed, and vanity.

Our studio has the original old growth pinewood floorboards that are 20 feet in length!

Throw in the sparkles from several chandeliers and the original leaded glass windows and you’ll also be inspired by the style and luxury of a different era. 

Like a more modern look as well?

Our main floor now has a mid-mod inspired blue velvet couch. We’re OBSESSED.

Along with all of the decor we provide, we also offer some wardrobe. Check out our vintage fur and the cathedral length veil.

These are just two of many luxurious items in our closet. We think that you’ll also love how well the items photograph!

Elegance never goes out of style. 

And when you order your Italian leather album (or fine art canvas), you’ll be confident that you’ll have a present that you and your lover will love and cherish for every milestone of your lives together!

Of course, we recommend you help us capture those milestones. Did you know we also do maternity, couples and male boudoir?

But back to Mrs. W. See more of her gorgeous boudoir portraits below!

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