Meet Mrs. R

boudoir photography denver red lip bed.jpg

Weddings are a tough business. Along with everything else, (the venue, the ceremony, the catering, the drinks, the DJ, the guest list, the outfits, the reception, and all the millions of details) there are also the gifts you give each other.

boudoir photography denver red lip bed.jpg

You want to give them an awesome gift. Something that they couldn’t just get for themselves. Maybe something really personal. Something that will last forever and yet always remind you of your one special day.

And let’s be honest, if it can be a present that makes their heart beat just a little bit faster, isn’t that a whole lot better?

I mean, you could get them a socket wrench set, but do think they’ll be reminded of how much they love you when they’re elbow deep in oil from changing out the transmission?

That’s where we can help.

We work with clients from all backgrounds and with all body types. Our system is equal parts art and science to get you looking your sensual best!

Our recent client, Mrs. R, got to experience the Under the Garter magic first hand!

She was impressed with how easy the boudoir process was from the beginning of the booking inquiry.

The email responses were very fast and clear and answered all my questions about the shoot!
— Mrs. R
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We want to demystify the entire process and clear up any misconceptions so you have an amazing experience and fall in love with your pictures!

Everything we do is geared toward helping you feel confident, vibrant, and sexy.

That’s why we created a lenghty, easy-to-read email to help you prepare.

It’s full of links to all of our favorite products and even includes helpful hints like removing all of the tags from your lingerie. No one wants to be distracted by a tag.

We know this is probably your first time doing something like this, so we give you all of our very best tips.

(Want us to do a blog on how to prepare? Comment below!)

It’s also why we chose our building in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood.

We crafted an environment that exudes luxury and class so you’ll feel inspired from the moment you walk through the door.

From there, you’ll meet with our makeup and hair specialists, some of the very best in Denver!

They’ll listen and work with you to create a look that simultaneously feels natural and elevates you to your best self!

Ally Triolo created this gorgeous red lip and smoky eye for Mrs. R.

Ally has been working with us for years and we love the amazing job she does of emphasizing our client’s beautiful features.

The makeup and hair girls were great and very accommodating!
— Mrs. R
boudoir photography denver airbrush makeup chandelier.jpg

Once the session starts, you’ll be feeling like a world class model. Posing can be surprisingly difficult (yes, even if you go to the gym every day or practice yoga), but we promise it’s totally worth it!

I really enjoyed the review of the photos. I liked getting to see all my hard work pay off.
— Mrs. R

We recommend booking a massage after your photography session to help work out the kinks! Plus who doesn’t love a little more luxury in their lives?

The portraits were stunning. I felt like my inner wild side was really caught on film. It reminded me of my youth and freedom as a woman.
— Mrs. R

That’s the beauty of boudoir: it’s as much a gift for you as it is for your lover!

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boudoir photography denver couch chandelier.jpg
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boudoir photography denver seated bw bed.jpg
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