Mrs. D

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In an age of mass-manufacturing, you have to go the extra step to find gifts that are memorable and unique. 

What’s more unique than you?

When coming up with ideas for their husbands, wives, or lovers, a lot of people turn to a boudoir photographer to craft an extraordinary present.

And that’s usually where the idea ends — it’s just a gift.

But boudoir is about so much more than that. Boudoir is an experience.

More than that, and counter-intuitively, boudoir photography becomes a journey of self growth and discovery.

Our recent client, Mrs. D, discovered that for herself.

I wanted to give my husband a unique, fun and sexy gift! After having 2 babies sometimes I feel frumpy and I need an ego boost!
— Mrs. D
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We’re honored that Mrs. D contacted us out of all of Denver boudoir photography studios! We love helping make unique gifts and create lifetime memories.

We want to make the entire process as awesome as possible, from the initial inquiry, through the photo shoot, to the final reveal.

Ray and Melissa made me feel so comfortable and guided me through the entire process. I was very skeptical and even considered canceling my session a few times. They took care of everything for me and I have never felt more beautiful!
— Mrs. D
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We love hearing that feedback!

We pour everything of ourselves into creating a luxurious, comfortable, spa-like atmosphere for our clients. After all, when you feel at your best, you will look your best!

That’s why we spoil our clients with chocolate and champagne. Plus we only work with the best hair and makeup stylists in Denver. 

From there, we help choose the best outfits to complement your natural beauty.

So many of our clients worry about how to pose. Don’t worry! That’s one of the benefits about working with Ray, our internationally published photographer. He is a consummate professional that knows how to pose you to look your absolute best.

My least favorite part was feeling so out of shape and awkward while trying to hold all of the poses. It was so worth it though! Ray is an expert at what he does. I trusted him and the results were unbelievable!
— Mrs. D

We love to tell our clients to book an after-session massage to complete their full boudoir experience. 

We take our time to work with every client. We focus on the littlest of details, because that’s what creates that biggest impact. 

I absolutely love all of my photos! After having two babies in five years I did not feel very sexy or beautiful . My photos were so amazing I actually cried at my reveal!
— Mrs. D
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We want you to feel important, valued, respected, and like the badass beautiful person that you are!

We’ve seen it create a ripple effect that reverberates throughout their lives, family, and community.

And that, in and of itself, is priceless.

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