Recover Your Mojo

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Having kids is one of the single most awesome and excruciating things that a person can do. 

We love our kids. Especially after they finally stay in bed after getting up for the umpteenth time. 

We’d do anything for them. We’d run into a burning building to rescue them. We’d wrestle a bear to save them. Hell, if we were starving on a deserted island, we’d give them our last piece of chocolate. 

Well, maybe half of our last piece of chocolate. 

The point is, that we love our kids, but damned if raising them isn’t exhausting and stressful. 

I remind myself over and over again that it’s worth it, even as I find another gray hair or discover yet another wrinkle sneaking its way onto my face. (For real, it should be illegal. I’m not THAT old!)

And that much sleep deprivation has a way of playing tricks on you. Like making you think that you lost your mojo. Even when all of your friends, lovers, and family tell you otherwise. 

I mean, they’re kind of required to say nice things about you, right? 

I understand all of this. Not only from hearing it from so many of our clients, but from living through it myself. 

That’s why I know of the transformative power of boudoir photography.  

Let’s face it. We want to look better than good. We want to look sexy.

We want to exude that same mojo that got us our lover and snagged us all of those kids in the first place. 

That’s why Under the Garter gives you a world class experience. We treat you. We spoil you. We help you craft a perfect look for your session. We pose you. And then we capture you in all of your badass glory. 

Because, at the end of the day, this is all about you. About letting your natural beauty shine through. About capturing that elusive bit of essence that everyone loves about you. 

We do it by sending you a preparation list to help your hair and skin look their best.

We do it by only working with one person each day so that you never feel rushed, only relaxed. 

We do it by working with the best hair stylists and makeup artists in Denver.

We do it by working with you to carefully select outfits that compliment and accentuate your natural beauty. 

We do it by spoiling you with champagne and chocolate and helping you feel like you’re the royalty that you are. 

That way, when you get to your photo reveal, you can see finally yourself as others see you: as a being of pure beauty. 

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