Meet Mr. E

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One of the reasons we started Under the Garter boudoir photography in Denver was to help empower as many people from as many different backgrounds as possible.

One photo at a time.

We’ve seen the transformative power of professional photographs. We’ve seen how it can remove that doubt that follows you around like swarm of gnats always buzzing in your eyes. 

And just like that cloud of gnats, we want to help squash that doubt. 

You’re awesome. You’re amazing. You’re beautiful.

Woman. Man. Trans. Agender. Everyone is welcome in our studio.

Our humanity transcends our bodies, even though our bodies are an important part of our experience on this planet. 

I’m going to be real with you, I haven’t always liked my own body. 

I used to skateboard all day when I was younger. And I’ve always tried to stay active and fit. 

But the pressure is there for guys, too.

Not as much as for other groups, but it’s definitely something that exists.

Comparing yourself to models. To athletes. To actors. To People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. 

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What’s worse is that there are few avenues to talk about it without being… for lack of a better word, emasculated. 

As if feelings, which are a huge and integral part of the human experience, are somehow not appropriate for almost 50% of the world’s population. That, because I was born a dude, I’m supposed to be an emotionless robot.

It took a long time to fight back on that perception. 

One of the coolest things about doing boudoir is when a guy comes in. We call it “dudoir”. Get it? Dude and Boudoir? I know. We’re so clever. 

Male boudoir is not what you’d expect. 

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We don’t dress you up in frilly things. We won't put you in stereotypical feminine poses. (We REALLY hate those viral posts of men looking ridiculous).

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But don’t worry, we’ll make sure you look amazing.

Because the boudoir experience is about so much more than what’s on the outside. That’s true for everyone.

Take Mr. E, for example. He booked this male boudoir session as a gift for his wife. He’s rugged and confident. His personality pushes out of every photo, which means that his wife is sure to love and enjoy this gift for the rest of their lives.

We’re dudes. We may not seek out compliments. We may not act like we care. But when our lover touches our arms, shoulders, or chest before kissing us, we fucking love it! 

Everyone loves being appreciated. Everyone loves being wanted. Everyone loves being loved.

So make sure to give your dude a nice slap on the ass and tell him how sexy he is!

male boudoir photography denver robe.jpg
male boudoir photography denver sexy robe.jpg
male boudoir photography denver cowboy hat.jpg
male fine art nude denver boudoir bw.jpg
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