Mrs. B

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So much of self confidence is driven by self perception.

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And as much we know and strive to be comfortable and confident in our skin, it always helps to get little ego boosts here or there. 

What most people don’t realize is how horrible cell phone cameras and mirrors actually are. We build so much of our self image off of these things that warp what we actually look like. 

Have you ever looked at a mirror? Like, really looked at it? Have you seen the tiny distortions? 

Same thing with cell phone cameras. Those lenses are so tiny and inferior.

Is it any wonder so many of us have a “mandatory delete rule” after taking bad pictures? 

And that’s just our public perception.

Things get even more complicated when we get into our “private” perception.

What do we look like in the bedroom.

How does our lover actually see us?

It can be such a touchy topic, but that’s why we’re here. And that’s why we do what we do. 

Improve your self image. Increase your confidence.

Mrs. B, a recent client, got to experience that kind of boost.

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She got a boudoir session as a present for her husband. It’s guaranteed to be the most unique and custom present you can ever get someone!

But the important thing to realize about boudoir is that it’s never about the gift. It’s about the entire experience. From start to finish, you are treated like the amazingly beautiful person that you are!

It starts when you enter our LoHi neighborhood studio in Denver. The building exudes luxury and sophistication which puts you in the perfect mood to be at your sexy best!

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We treat you with champagne and chocolate, helping you relax for your makeover by Denver’s best hair and makeup artists. 

From there, it’s finding the best outfit to capture your unique chemistry.

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Mrs. B brought some great outfits that highlighted her vibrant personality: a Green Bay Packers jersey and Super Mario panties.

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boudoir photography denver football jersey.jpg
boudoir photography denver football jersey portrait.jpg

We loved it! The contrast with our vintage furniture created a unique and memorable effect. 

Slightly sassy, but very sophisticated.

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How did Mr. B respond to his gift?

My husband freaked over the pictures! He muttered, ‘oh my God’ on every page and looked at the book six times when I first gave it to him! He said he’s happy to finally have photographic evidence of how sexy I am.
— Mrs. B

It’s a positive feedback loop, getting professional photos taken, that positively affects every aspect of your life!

Here's proof of Mr. B enjoying his gift. We love it when clients end us photos like this:

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