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Boudoir photography is about so much more than creating fabulous and sensual photos of yourself. At its most basic level, it’s about self empowerment. 

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We live in a society where there are more cameras than ever. Cell phones have become a blessing and a curse.

Ray could tell you all of the reasons why cell phone cameras are so horrible. And it’s not always just the camera. The lighting. The angles. So many things can and do go wrong.

They’re great for capturing life’s little moments. But they’re bad for our self esteem.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever exercised veto power on which photos can be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram. 

Now raise your hand if you’ve ever spent way too long trying to take a perfect selfie, only to give up. To throw down your phone in disgust that you must be the most hideous thing in existence.

Let me tell you a little secret: it’s not you.

It’s the camera on your phone.

If you’ve ever been professionally photographed, you already know the benefits of getting good photos.

The self-esteem boost.

The sudden confidence.

The movie star strut when you share your photos with people.

Boudoir Photography does that plus so much more. 

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Can you imagine that confidence spreading to every area of your life, including the bedroom? To finally see yourself how your lover(s) see you? 

Even if you have no esteem issues (lucky you!) haven’t you always wanted to see yourself in the most flattering way possible?

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Our friend, Mrs. Z recently took that plunge. She bucked the trend and booked a boudoir session for herself, for her 40th birthday. 

Take a look at the these photos and you’ll fall in love with the results just like we did! 

How did Mrs. Z feel about her portraits?

It was a dream come true. I’ve used them to decorate my already glam bathroom.
— Mrs. Z
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Mrs. Z experienced what so many of our clients discover: that a boudoir session is a self-indulgent trip to Luxury Island. 

We love spoiling our clients! You already know that our building predates the Brown Palace by a year, that we are filled with vintage furniture, and that we treat you with chocolate, champagne, hair, and makeup. 

We go much, much further than that. Everything we do is with you in mind down to the timing of the session and the photo reveal. 

We book only one photo session per day. We also only schedule one reveal session per day. 


Because we want to make sure that you always have our full attention and that you never feel rushed. 

For us at Under the Garter, empowerment is not just something we preach. It’s something we breathe into every part of our business.

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