Meet Mrs. S

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Gifts are such an important part for our relationships.

Those little reminders that say, “hey, I was thinking about you.”

Or, “I thought you might like this.”

Think about all the occasions that involve gifts.

Christmas. Birthdays. Weddings. Anniversaries. 

Now think about all those relationships. Friends. Wives. Husbands.

Did you remember to include yourself?

Most people don’t!

But it’s true -- Gifts strengthen relationships.

Giving gifts not only enriches the life of the recipient, it benefits the giver, too! 

We’ve seen this firsthand at our Denver boudoir studio so many times.

What starts out as a wedding present turns into a life changing experience.

Mrs. S recently got to experience this first hand!

My boudoir session was a special gift for my future husband on our wedding day!
— Mrs. S

After attending her photo reveal, she got to experience the transformative power of gift giving… especially when it comes to boudoir.

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I still can’t even believe that they’re me. I keep telling people that it is more of a gift for me... Being able to see myself in that way is awesome!
— Mrs. S

You see, this is a gift that focuses on you. On your beauty. On your indefinable essence. On the way that your lover sees you. 

Which is a powerful thing!

It can feel intimidating to allow yourself to be photographed that way. But trust us. We take care of everything for you.

From makeup and hair, to champagne and chocolates, to expertly picking out the perfect outfit, to posing you so you look your best!

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My hair and makeup was gorgeous! I really need to take more time to get myself ‘done up’ from time to time. I was treated like royalty. I hope to be able to do more one day!
— Mrs. S

We love watching our client go through that transformative process. It’s more than just a completely unique gift that Mrs. S gave to her husband for their wedding night. It was a gift to herself to see herself in a new light.

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I’ve got pretty insane curves that I hide under a chef coat. I’ve always been more drawn to my chest but recently the booty and my legs have become my favorite. My strength can be seen in those.
— Mrs. S

We take pride in being one of Denver’s best boudoir photography studios. Clients like Mrs. S continually remind us of how special it is to be a part of someone’s unique gifts!

If you’re looking to surprise your lover, boudoir makes the perfect gift! It’s never too early to book a session. What special occasion is on the horizon for you?

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