Mrs. T

When Ray and I started Under the Garter, we wanted to become the best boudoir photography studio in Denver, Colorado. Not just for ourselves, but for all the beautiful and amazing people in this wonderful city.

You see, boudoir is about so much more than just sexy photos. 

It’s rediscovering ourselves. Our sensuality. Our strength. Our power.

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It’s about getting out of our own heads and seeing ourselves through a different set of eyes. Or in this case, Ray’s masterful camera work. 

Photos can only do so much, though. That’s why we crafted an entire experience to elevate you to your best self. 

That’s what Mrs. T discovered when she recently visited us to create some forever memories. What started out as a unique wedding gift for her husband turned into a day of self-empowerment and discovery.

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The process started when she walked through the door. 

We’re located in the LoHi neighborhood in Denver. This is a historic area of town, featuring some of the oldest buildings in the area. Our building dates from 1889, which is one year older than the Brown Palace! 

She immediately noticed the details. The space was designed to reflect quality and beauty with simple, elegant details. Expert craftsmanship that reminds you that yes, you are worth it!

From there, she had her hair and makeup artfully crafted for expert photos. 

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It was calming to be pampered before the session and made me less nervous.
— Mrs. T

The entire process is designed to elevate and enhance your natural beauty. After all, we’re only capturing what’s already there!

That’s the most important detail we’ve learned throughout our years of portrait photography: comfortable and confident people make amazing photos!

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During the session it was really all about you and making you feel comfortable. I was very nervous at first and this was very out of my comfort zone, but Ray and Melissa made it a great, easy, and fun experience.
— Mrs. T

Everything we do is meant to enhance your comfort and confidence! 

From the little treats like chocolates and berries, to the champagne, to the expert makeup and hair. We help choose your most flattering outfits and pose you in the most alluring poses. 

It all leads to our favorite part: the photo reveal!

We love that look of joy and delight when a client sees their finished photos. It is a life changing experience for many people, to be able to see themselves in the same way that their lover sees them. 

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