Mrs H

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There are as many reasons to do boudoir photography as there are people. 

Mrs. H, one of our recent clients had a great reason to get a boudoir session.

I got the photos as a 40 year old birthday experience for myself. I wanted to do them to set a goal for myself and do something that is outside of my comfort zone.
— Mrs H

A luxury session at Under the Garter is more than just about getting sensual photos of yourself. It’s a way to challenge yourself. To change. To grow. To become a better person.

The whole experience feels like a luxurious reward. From the professional detail to her hair and makeup (gorgeous airbrush makeup by Ally Triolo) to the champagne with chocolates, a boudoir experience can feel like a glamorous vacation. 

Even though Mrs. H did the photos for herself, there is another person who got to share in her accomplishment.

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I intermittently send them to my hubby. He loves them! They are a great way to tease and flirt again. He said the quality of the photos as good as the ones he sees in magazines. Crazy! Thanks for helping him see me like he does the super models.
— Mrs H

The benefits also last far longer than the day of the photo shoot.

So often, these little things can have a huge ripple in our lives. 

Having done this for years, I know the difference professional photos can have on how others see you. And how we see ourselves. 

Words can’t really express how the portraits make you feel. I was actually in awe. I couldn’t believe it was me!
— Mrs H

We feel pulled in so many directions with all of our different responsibilities. It’s important to take a moment (or a day) to remind ourselves what amazing, beautiful, and sexy humans we all are! 

The photos were elegant, classy, sexy, and stunning. They took a frumpy 40 year old and made me look fabulous. I hadn’t seen myself like that for many many, many years, since working and kids add more frump than fab! The entire experience helps you find the smiling sexy self again!
— Mrs. H

After seeing the photos, Mrs. H's husband decided to come in for his own session AND a couples session with Mrs. H! Keep an eye out for those gorgeous images coming soon!

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