Ms. B

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We feel lucky and blessed to live in Denver, Colorado. In addition to living only minutes away from amazing recreational activities and the beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is also home to some of the most amazing people in the world. 

We live in a world-class city in a world-class setting. It feels great to have everything with no compromises.

When we started up Under the Garter, we didn’t know for sure if Denver wanted or needed another boudoir photography studio. 

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What we soon came to realize is that the experience is so much more than just sensual photos. 

It’s about self discovery. It’s about change. It’s about growth. It’s about empowerment. 

It’s about taking back your self image. It’s about no compromises. 

It’s about being smart, strong, and sexy. Just by being you.

Compromises aren’t always a bad thing. But too many compromises can pick away at us piece by piece until we feel like there’s almost nothing left.

That’s where boudoir photography can help. We put the focus on you. 

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That’s why we loved our featured client, Ms. B. We got to spoil her and focus on her for the entire session. 

My favorite part was feeling pampered. I never get to feel like everything is about me so that was nice.
— Ms. B

She arrived at our LoHi neighborhood studio and immediately felt the luxury. Our building is one of the oldest in Denver, constructed in 1889, one year older than the Brown Palace. 

Our studio is filled with vintage furniture picked out to convey a feeling of grace, sensuality, and comfort. From our vintage red chaise to the vintage iron bed to the vintage vanity, everything is expertly chosen and meticulously arranged. 

Why? Because you’re worth it.

boudoir photography denver bw hair portrait.jpg

Ms. B received the regal treatment with her hair and makeup. 

I loved my hair and makeup. I wore more makeup than I ever have in my entire life.
— Ms. B

Then it was time to take her photos under the expert direction of our internationally published photographer. Her skin glowed perfectly amid the stark and simple backdrop of wooden floors and lace curtains. 

She felt a little sore the next day from all the posing. We advise our clients to book a massage for the next day. Remember: you deserve a second day of being treated!

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In the end, the photos are always worth it. 

I loved my photos and so did my boyfriend!
— Ms. B

Great photos don’t compromise. Looking at Ms. B’s photos, we hope that you’ll agree. Just like architecture of old, her photos are classic and timeless.


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boudoir photography denver bw portrait.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw wood floor pose.jpg
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boudoir photography denver vintage chaise.jpg