Ms. A

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Every morning, we have to pinch ourselves. Do we really get to do this for our job? Photograph some of the most amazingly beautiful and awesome people in the Denver area? 

There are so many perks to this job, but probably not what you would expect with boudoir photography. 

Sure, there are the obvious things like doing "quality control" sampling of the berries, chocolate, and champagne that we serve to our clients. 

There is also the pleasure of getting to professionally shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and body care products to make sure we’re dressing and recommending only the best to our guests. 

The best part of providing a luxurious boudoir experience is watching the transformation from the time our clients walk through the door to when we reveal their photos to them. 

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Ms. A was one of our most recent guests. Her boyfriend surprised her with a boudoir photography session for her 30th birthday present. 

When she walked into our Denver studio located in the historic LoHi neighborhood, she was in for a treat. 

Under the Garter works with the best makeup and hair stylists in Colorado.  Ally Triolo did an exquisite job with the makeup while Jaded Beauty masterfully styled her hair. Finally, we recommended this lotion and this cocoa butter gel to help her skin glow!

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We love it when our guests bring their own lingerie because it gives us an intimate glimpse into their personality. Ms. A brought some amazing outfits from Torrid. Always sensual and flattering, we love recommending Torrid to our clients.

We see it so often. What starts out as a gift from a significant other becomes an empowering gift to oneself. Especially when our guests see the final product during the reveal.

It was half a gift for me and half a gift for my boyfriend. Seeing the final results is so awesome. But really, the whole experience was so, so great.
— Ms. A
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We all have this beauty within us. Boudoir photography combines masterful makeup, hair, outfits, lighting, and lenses to capture the best version of ourselves: the version that our lovers see us every day.

We are constantly battling the poor self image from cheap mirrors, poor lighting, and distorting cell phone cameras. 

The power of boudoir is the power to change how we see ourselves. To remind ourselves that we are sexy, strong, and powerful. 

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After we do a reveal and watch that final transformation that our clients go through, we feel like pinching ourselves again. 

Yes, this is really our job. Yes, we feel blessed and honored to help make such a big difference in so many people’s lives. 

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