Meet Mrs. Y

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Who didn’t grow up looking at pictures of glamorous people and wanting to experience that for yourself?

Maybe you’re like me and you thought it was out of reach. That there was something about all of those models and celebrities that was fundamentally different from you? That they had something that you would never have?

I used to think that, too.

Then Ray started taking pictures of me. That’s when I learned that boudoir photography can be for EVERYONE. 

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Ray and I started out by photographing our friends and we were blown away by the boost of confidence they received. It’s been an amazing journey so far! We love the entire process from start to finish. 

Recently, we had a new client who got to experience full boudoir photography treatment.

Mrs. Y was a doll and we love how her photos turned out! 

She’s part of a large group of people in Denver looking for unique, personalized, one-of-a-kind gifts for their spouse. Boudoir photos definitely fit that bill!

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I did this for myself but also as a birthday gift for my husband!
— Mrs. Y

She came to our LoHi neighborhood studio. Clients are always surprised to learn that our studio was built in 1889, making it one of the oldest buildings in Denver and one year older than the Brown Palace!

Everything in our studio exudes glamor and elegance. From the vintage red chaise to the vintage iron bed, to the vintage vanity, we created an environment that will inspire and compliment your glamorous best! 

Mrs. Y had her hair and makeup down by the wonderful Ally Triolo. We work with only the very best hair and makeup artists in Denver to ensure that you look your very best!

Many of our clients choose Under the Garter for the glamor of our photos and studio space. Mrs. Y was no exception. 

I chose Under the Garter for their elegance.
— Mrs. Y

It was a perfect fit! We love it when our clients are inspired by our studio space to feel empowered and let their inner strength, confidence, and beauty shine through!

boudoir photography denver black lace bodysuit.jpg
I loved how comfortable and beautiful Under the Garter made me feel.
— Mrs. Y

The beauty of our studio and the natural beauty of Mrs. Y led to some absolutely stunning photos! 

Which is the whole point of boudoir photography: helping all of us capture that glamor. 

So how did Mr. Y like his photos?

He was extremely excited when he saw my portraits!
— Mrs. Y

We bet that this is a gift that Mr. Y won’t soon forget! We love helping create forever memories for so many people in Denver! 

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