Meet Mrs. H

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I think we’ve all been in that same position before. Trying to find the perfect gift for your lover. You ask and they say that they’re fine. They have everything they want. 

Well, what if you still want to get them something? Something unique? Something one-of-a-kind?

We see it over and over again at Under the Garter and we love helping our clients shock and wow their lovers!

Whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday, Christmas, or "just because," we never tire hearing about how boudoir photos make a perfect gift for those people who have everything!

Plus, it’s a treat for you, too! That makes boudoir photography the perfect win-win situation!

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Mrs. H was one of our recent clients who discovered the powerful effect of a boudoir photo session. 

You see, it’s not just about the photos. It’s about everything that goes into making the photos. 

Walking into our LoHi neighborhood studio, guests are struck by the luxury and craftsmanship of one of Denver’s oldest buildings. 

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It started with all the creature comforts to help Mrs. H feel as comfortable and beautiful as possible. We start with champagne, fancy treats and chocolate: the perfect combination for relaxation. 

After that, Mrs. H got her hair and airbrush makeup done by Denver’s best team. This was the perfect time to experiment with a different, more sultry style!

I loved the false eyelashes!
— Mrs. H
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We loved the outfits that Mrs. H picked out. The lingerie, much like our vintage furniture, was simple and perfectly accentuated the natural beauty of Mrs. H. 

Posing for boudoir photography can be difficult. It takes work to pose your body so it appears perfectly for the camera. Mrs. H was the perfect client and was soon posing like a natural!

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My favorite part was halfway through taking the pics when I became comfortable with myself and I had a better idea of what to do. It’s when the magic happened and you can see it in the photos.
— Mrs. H

There is definitely something magical that happens when a client undergoes a shoot and hits that moment when confidence, strength, and sexiness becomes natural. We imagine it’s the same thing that their lover sees in their most intimate moments.

That’s the true magic of boudoir - capturing and preserving these intimate moments of tenderness and sensuality for all time. 

It’s a gift that is not only unique, but can be transcendental. 

My husband loved his gift so much that he stared at the pics instead of participating in the rest of Christmas Day. Should have given the gift at the end of the day!
— Mrs. H
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