Mrs. K

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We’ve been doing boudoir photography in Denver for several years now. We continue to be amazed by the diversity and beauty of all of our clients. We love seeing our clients undergo a magnificent transformation as they experience what boudoir photography is really about.

See, it isn’t just about sensual photos. 

It isn’t just about unique wedding gifts for their lovers or spouses. 

It isn’t just about spoiling yourself with champagne, berries, and chocolate for the day.

It’s about the journey. The transformation. About seeing yourself with the same beauty that your lover keeps telling you is there. 

We love that!

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Mrs. K was one of our recent clients. Even though she came in with the intent of creating the perfect gift for her fiance, her experience turned into so much more.

She walked into our luxurious LoHi neighborhood studio and experienced what so many of our other clients have told us.

Not once did I feel uncomfortable or not beautiful. The team is so welcoming and friendly (and really funny too)!! It made the experience worth it.
— Mrs. K
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She received world class hair and makeup from our team. We make sure that you will look your absolute best on camera, so often times the best makeup might be different than what you’d normally wear in public.

At first I thought that my makeup was really heavy but then I saw the pictures and was blown away at how fantastic it looked! I am not used to wearing a lot of makeup so it was really a personal opinion in the beginning. Hair and makeup was AWESOME!!
— Mrs. K
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Part of the journey of boudoir is the experience with Ray, our internationally published photographer and co-owner of Under the Garter. He knows how to coach you into your best poses, even if they might feel a little uncomfortable at the time.

I was sore after the shoot.... but hey, that arched back and pointed toe got amazing shots!
— Mrs. K
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We like to urge our clients to get a post-session massage! Nothing wrong with treating yourself just a little bit more!

The best part came with the reveal, when we got to show Mrs. K the best photos from her session. 

They have given me the confidence to realize that I am sexy even when my body is changing. I have struggled with body issues and feel that I am at a point of almost full acceptance with what I was given. It took me a long time to love my stomach due to a big scar on it. I survived cancer and it is a reminder of how strong my body is, despite the flaws. I always tell myself my scars are proof that I am stronger than what tried to kill me.
— Mrs. K

That, right there, is proof that boudoir is about so much more than the photos. It’s about the personal transformation.

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