Mrs. N

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We’ve been doing boudoir photography for years. With every session, we feel so fortunate to be photographing so many amazing people here in Denver, Colorado!

Not only do we get to help so many people experience the physical and emotional transformation of a luxurious photography session, complete with professional make-up, hair, and a lot of extra goodies, we often get to help them create a very unique wedding present!

Mrs. N was looking for a unique wedding gift for her husband. Something better than a watch or socks. 

That’s when she contacted us

It might seem a little much to trust a studio with your look. But as Mrs. N found out, we have the best support team in the business.

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It can be very intimidating to trust a complete stranger with your “look” for something so personal, but I was so impressed with what a great job the girls did. It was fun trying a new look!
— Mrs. N

That’s the glamorous part of boudoir photography. It’s like a mini-vacation for your sensual side. Who wouldn’t want to be a model for a day?

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It was just really nice having all the attention on me for the session...with hair, makeup, help with styling my was awesome! I think as women, we tend to focus on others, so it was a nice change getting pampered & having some ‘me’ time.
— Mrs. N

We do spend a lot of time on others, making sure all of our people are taken care of. It’s an important reminder to schedule “me time” and focus on ourselves, too!

Trust us, they’ll appreciate the results, too!

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I was so impressed during my photo reveal session! And it was so fun to see my ‘sexy’ my husband sees me. It was a great little boost to my confidence for sure!
— Mrs. N

When we get down to it, confidence is the key. A boudoir session is the perfect remedy to undo the distorted self image that cell phone cameras and horrible mirrors install in all of us. 

When we feel confident about ourselves, others notice! Once you notice the difference, you’ll wish that you had gotten a deluxe photography experience sooner!

So, what did Mr. N think of his unique wedding present?

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It completely knocked his socks off! He was SO surprised and said it was hands-down the best gift he’s ever received! And I give pretty good gifts!
— Mrs. N

The best presents are the ones that benefit both the giver and receiver. Boudoir photography definitely does that!

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