Meet Aleey

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It’s official. Winter is here.

And while Denver is full of cold weather enthusiasts, there are still those of us who shy away from the snow like cats from water.

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For us, wintertime is the perfect time for fires, hot chocolate or buttered rum, movies, and snuggles.

Especially the snuggles!

Wintertime is also the perfect time to turn inward for reflection, self-awareness, and growth.

What does this have to do with boudoir?

Well… everything.

Boudoir is more than sensual photos which make great gifts for birthdays, weddings, and the holidays.

As many of our clients have found it, it’s an amazing opportunity for growth and change.

You see, so many of us have warped perceptions about ourselves. We’ve grown up with bad photos from amateur photographers, disposable cameras, awkward school photos. Not to mention all of the horrible lighting in bathrooms and warped mirrors.

Then when you compare yourself to the models in magazines or actresses in movies, you might think you’re a hideously ugly troll, completely disregarding the fact that you have loved ones who think you’re hot enough to want to squeeze your tushy all of the time.

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Boudoir is the great equalizer.

That’s why it’s awesome!

That first reveal, when you can see, without a doubt, the beauty that others have been talking about for years… it’s life changing!

What’s even better is coming back later to document and celebrate your life journey.

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We love our clients who come back!

Think about it: would you only get one massage in your life?

Hell no!

That’s why we loved it when our friend Aleey came back for another session.

She’s absolutely gorgeous and we got to have even more fun with creativity the second time around. We got to try out new ideas. Plus the first session jitters weren’t really there.

Confident. Creative. Captivating.

We love treating Denver to luxury boudoir sessions so much that we started a referral program.

Check it out:

Book a follow up shoot, get $100 off your session fee.

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Send a friend our way to help your friend save $100 PLUS you get $100 towards products or another shoot! And yes, that’s for each friend you send our way. Why? Because boudoir is that awesome.

And boudoir is for everyone.




Our clients have been known to hang their photos around their house.

Which, during these long winter nights, totally leads to more snuggles…

Talk about a win-win situation!

Wanna experience it for yourself? Talk to us about booking your boudoir session!

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