Meet Mrs. J

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Ray and I love fall.

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Something about the colors, the changing of the leaves, all the food, and the cooler weather makes us want to curl up with our lover inside.

There’s just something so satisfying about crawling under the covers with our partner on a chilly night and trying to start a movie, but rarely finishing it… ;)

It’s the season of giving thanks, which quickly leads into the season of giving gifts.

We’re in the unique business of seeing how all of these things frequently combine.



And, of course, love.

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Boudoir combines all three in a unique way that leaves an impression that will last the rest of you and your lover’s lives!

Unlike most gifts, though, boudoir is a gift that also enhances the life of the giver just as much, if not more, as the recipient!

Our recent client, Mrs. J, got to undergo that life changing experience.

My boudoir session started as a gift for my fiancé, but it ended up being a gift for myself, too.
— Mrs. J
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We hear about this journey over and over again, as well as experience it for ourselves. There is something that is both vulnerable and empowering when posing for boudoir photos.

Most of us go our entire lives looking at bad photos of ourselves.

There is something about cell phone cameras and amateur photographers that can absolutely destroy our self image. It can be hard to trust our lover’s words that we’re absolutely beautiful in their eyes.

That’s one of the things we love about this process.

It’s about peeling back the years of crappy photos to uncover the bedrock of your beauty!

We have a system in place to bring out the best in you. It starts with your initial email. From there, we have a conversation, where we listen to you and what you want to give you the best experience possible.

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From there, we schedule a day at our Denver LoHi neighborhood studio just for you.

We’ve heard that other studios will sometimes book multiple clients a day and it left them feeling rushed.

Who wants that? To feel like another cog in the machine? Definitely not us!

We give you a rock star experience with champagne and chocolate, primping you with Denver’s best hair and makeup stylists.

It’s not just a flash in the pan, either. Our clients always walk away with tips and tricks to spice up their look!

From there, we help pick out outfits that compliment and flatter and will look amazing for the camera! Then comes the hard work!

Many of our clients tell us that posing is the hardest part, so we recommend booking a massage with your favorite masseuse after your session.

But, as Mrs. J found out, it’s all worth it when you see your photos.

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I loved the reveal! My photos were wonderful! I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites!
— Mrs. J
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