Meet Mrs. C

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Maybe I’m giving away my age, but I remember keeping phone numbers in Rolodexes and little black books. We used to go rounds about how to organize your contacts.

First name?

Last name?


It was a game changer when my school got a copy machine. That was the first time I encountered putting pictures of people next to names and their contact info.

I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we could do this for the whole phone book?

Then the internet happened. I mean, it had been happening for a while, but it was when IM and then social media happened.

All of sudden, you could message anybody and choose them just by looking at their picture.

Phones soon followed pace and allowed us to save pictures with our contacts.

Talk about living in the future!

But then the question became, what picture do you use for your contacts? Oh ye of feeble hearts, tread lightly on this topic. Especially when it comes to your significant other.

Why am I bringing all of this up?

Because our recent client, Mrs. C told us about an awesome benefit from her recent boudoir shoot.

He made one of the pictures my profile picture on his phone and another his screen background.
— Mrs. C
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How cool is that???

Now, every time he looks at his phone much less whenever she calls or texts him, he’ll be reminded about how gorgeous his wife is!

Boudoir is the gift that keeps on giving. We love hearing from our clients about how much the session benefited them.

It’s the perfect chance to break out of your comfort zone and explore your limits.

Hair and make-up was AMAZING. I had no idea I could look like that. My husband loved it. I’m going back for lessons!
— Mrs. C
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Often times, we end up with an image of ourselves.

It’s made up of so many different things:

Bad photos. (Some going back to elementary school!)

Bathroom mirrors with the worst lighting known to humanity.

The things people have said about us.

The things we say about ourselves.

So it sometimes shocks and amazes people when they get to their reveal and see how beautiful they are!

I was shocked at the result. I never thought I could be that pretty. I love my pictures. And now I feel pretty every time I look at them.
— Mrs. C
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It’s an amazing ripple effect that we feel here in Denver and beyond. Changing the world one person at a time by helping them see their own beauty.

If we had our way, everyone would get a boudoir session. But don’t trust our word.

I would say that if you are thinking about doing it then there is obviously a part of you that wants to. Trust your gut that it will be fun, sexy and rewarding. And the staff is so professional and they make you laugh and enjoy and you feel pretty and your nerves float away. Everyone has beauty in them, and those who have a hard time finding it or seeing it will have a change of heart. Go for it!
— Mrs. C
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