Meet Mrs. L

boudoir photography denver blue lace bed pose.jpg
The entire experience. All of you made me feel like a million.
— Mrs L, on her favorite part of the experience
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Today's Throwback Thursday session is focused on the sexy and sassy Mrs. L.

Nothing thrills me more than when a client is comfortable, confident and has a great sense of humor.

We had so much fun getting to know this amazing lady -- she kept us laughing throughout the session AND her reveal!

Mrs. L booked a session at our Denver boudoir studio because she wanted to create an unforgettable gift for her husband.

But I think Mrs. L will agree that she got an amazing gift herself.

I loved my portraits. Yes, they did change the way I feel about myself.
— Mrs L
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Boudoir has a funny way of changing the way you feel about yourself.

As women, we're often so hard on ourselves and it can be so difficult to REALLY see ourselves.

I can't tell you how many clients tell me that they're not photogenic or they're not thin enough or not young enough for boudoir.

It can be easy to feel that way when the only photos you see of yourself are taken by amateurs at a barbecue or family gathering.

We've all seen photos of ourselves from weird angles and maybe we're blinking or in the middle of talking.

Or, in my case, gesturing bizarrely.

I'm, ahem, a bit expressive when I talk sometimes and it does NOT make for a good photo.

That's why it's so important to be photographed by a professional who understands lighting and posing (and creates a fun, safe atmosphere where you can really relax and have fun).

We don't distort bodies here. We just show you how amazing you look. From all angles. 

But back to that sexy Mrs. L...

boudoir photography denver blue lace bodysuit.jpg
I can not wait to do another shoot!
— Mrs. L

Mrs. L brought in so many wonderful outfits.

We especially love this blue lace bodysuit she picked up from Victoria Secret. The color is absolutely PERFECT for her and I'm basically obsessed with every bodysuit ever made.

We encourage our clients to bring in props and Mrs. L surprised us with a sassy T-shirt and a bag full of lollipops. It made for a very fun end to the session and we were all giggling by the time she left.

boudoir photography denver bw lace bodysuit.jpg
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The portraits were a wonderful surprise to my husband. Not knowing what to expect, he was silent for a little while, then told me I have always been beautiful, but even more beautiful with age.
— Mrs L
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He is in awe at the pictures. The only word he could find to describe the pictures is ‘stunning.’ He wants more.
— Mrs L
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