How to Get Ridiculously Soft Skin

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We're always trying to help our clients feel confident and sexy in their skin. And for me, that starts with having super soft, hydrated skin.

That can be a tough feat during the colder months in Denver, Colorado.

It seems like I spend months with dry, itchy skin, so I'm always looking for new ways to combat it.

And I think I've finally figured out the best way to get soft, hydrated, GLOWING skin. Seriously. It's ridiculous how soft my skin is right now.

The very best part? It involves just a couple of very inexpensive items.


Step 1:

First, start with this bad boy.

It's *probably* supposed to be used for dry brushing, but that's a little too intense for my sensitive skin.

So, I use this in the shower with my favorite body wash, Alba Botanica Very Emollient Honey Mango Shower Gel.

This stuff smells like HEAVEN. I buy it 32 oz. at a time, because I never want to be without it.

Back to the brush.

Use a circular motion and pay special attention to knees, elbows, ankles and feet.

This brush has completely rid my feet of calluses, which blows my mind.


Step 2:

This last step is VERY important. Otherwise you're just exfoliating and drying out your skin.

Right after stepping out of the shower, rub sweet almond oil into your skin.

A little bit goes a LONG way, so this 4 oz. bottle should last you for quite some time.

For reference, I can use just a few drops for an entire arm.

You'll want to let the oil absorb into your skin before getting dressed.

Yes, this adds a few more minutes to your routine, but I use that time to focus on my skincare regimen for my face.

If you have tile or hardwood floors, make sure you have socks nearby and immediately put them on or you will a) slip and fall on your face and/or b) leave oil marks all over your hardwood floor.

I may or may not have a very frustrated husband after leaving oily footprints throughout the house.

And THAT'S IT! Just two super simple steps, using inexpensive ingredients!

I'm able to do this every day without any issues, but don't overdo it if you feel like this is irritating your skin too much. And, of course, avoid using the brush if you have eczema or psoriasis.

Have an almond allergy? I highly recommend jojoba oil as well.

Try this out and let me know how it goes!