Meet Mrs. E

Denver Boudoir Photography | Under the Garter

We love it when new brides want to surprise their new spouse with a special wedding gift of boudoir photos. There is something inspiring and humbling about creating timeless moments for couples.

Mrs. E was an absolute delight to have in our luxurious LoHi Denver, Colorado studio! She came to us after getting a referral from her wedding makeup artist, Ally Triolo. Ally has been our makeup artist for over 5 years!

After getting her hair and makeup dolled up, Mrs. E settled into our studio for some breathtaking photos!

I loved my hair and makeup ladies! They made me feel really comfortable and beautiful for the shoot.
— Mrs E
Denver Boudoir Photography | Under the Garter

The best thing about boudoir is not just the confident and sexy photos that their partners will cherish forever.  It's also the feeling that our clients get right before their wedding.

You see, everyone has "those" photos that their friends put on Facebook and Insta. The weird smile. The bad angle. The awkward light.

A boudoir session is the PERFECT way to erase those awkward photos and see yourself the same way that your new life partner sees you: strong, soft, and sexy!

My favorite part was when my husband opened up the gift on the wedding day.
— Mrs E

Speaking of soft, we LOVED the photos of Mrs. E in her fur! It looks like the perfect accessory for cold winter day.

Denver Boudoir Photography | Under the Garter

Boudoir is MORE than just the photos. It's about taking time for YOU. It's about giving yourself the attention and care you deserve. From the champagne to the chocolates, from the beautiful clothes to the professional hair and makeup, boudoir is a luxury experience everyone should enjoy. 

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