Meet Ms. C

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The striking Ms. C came to us before celebrating a birthday.

Boudoir was on her bucket list and she wanted to complete it before her birthday.

So many of our clients have boudoir on their bucket lists and we love that they come to us to cross that big item off their list. It means a lot to us that our clients trust us with something so personal.

Although Ms. C has a longtime boyfriend, she made it clear that she was doing this session for herself.

Which is EXACTLY how it should be.

Often women have a hard time spending time and money on themselves and they use a wedding or anniversary to justify doing a boudoir session.

Melissa totally understands this, but we always encourage our clients to believe that the session is for THEM as well. 

Because it is.

Or it should be anyway.

A boudoir session is SO much more fun when you can really celebrate yourself and enjoy getting pampered.

The reveal session is SO much more fun when you can see the finished product as a gift to yourself.

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Back to Ms. C's session...

Ms. C is one of our bravest clients and wanted to use the roof of the studio we were using at the time.

We happily obliged her request.

Her boudoir session went so well that one of her outdoor boudoir portraits was even chosen to be published in Philosophie Magazine!

While on the roof, we focused more on sexy, rugged clothing than frilly lingerie.

We used a denim shirt, white tank, Daisy Duke shorts and a few pairs of amazing shoes.

We especially love the way these edgy high heels look against the rocks.

The day we did Ms. C's boudoir session, it was SO hot and there isn't any shelter or shade on the roof.

Ms. C was a trooper though and totally rocked her session without so much as a complaint about the heat.

We personally think the heat added a lovely glow to her skin.

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Ally Triolo, our lead makeup artist, did Ms. C's gorgeous makeup for her session.

As always, Ally did a fantastic job. We feel so lucky to have her in the studio.

Ms. C wanted a bolder lip for her boudoir session. She had the perfect cupids bow to paint a bright shade onto.
— Ally Triolo, airbrush makeup artist
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Hair was done by the talented Jade Darrough of Jaded Beauty.

Like many of our clients, Ms. C is particular about her hair and was worried about having someone else do it. Curly hair can be tough to do and we totally understood her concerns.

But Ms C loved Jade's work so much that she later bought some of the products that Jade used!

Have I mentioned how amazing our hair and makeup team is lately?

Let me just say it again:

We have the best artists in town.

Incredibly talented and the sweetest gals you'll ever meet.

Want to see more of Ms. C's boudoir portraits? Keep scrolling!

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