Meet Mrs. A

boudoir photography denver bw moody shadow.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace mask moody.jpg

We seriously have the best job ever.

And not just for the reasons you might think.

Our clients are some of the nicest, warmest, funniest, most interesting people you'll ever meet.

And Mrs. A is no exception.

Mrs. A came to us because she wanted to do a bridal boudoir session in our Denver studio for her soon-to-be husband.

She brought some bridal lingerie, but she also brought all sorts of fun props and outfits, like a Nebraska Huskers shirt and a snowboard.

We love it when clients bring in props because it allows us to create really personalized portraits.

It also means that we get to know our clients better, which is always wonderful.

During her session we were also able to create some really sexy, sultry portraits in our black lace robe and black mask. 

We love using these items to create a completely different look.

It's so much fun to have an album begin with light and airy photos, then end with moody, sultry photos.

It makes for a nice surprise for the recipient.


My husband LOVES the pictures.
— Mrs. A
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boudoir photography denver mask black lace.jpg
boudoir photography black lace seated.jpg

In addition to the Italian leather album she presented her husband on her wedding day, Mrs. A purchased a large canvas of one of our favorite images from her session.

boudoir photography denver red chaise white lace.jpg

Isn't that portrait lovely?

We always recommend wall art to our clients.

It's such a lovely way to remind yourself each day that you're beautiful. 

Melissa definitely needs that reminder, which is why we have a large canvas above our bed.

They were lovely. Definitely a self-esteem booster.
— Mrs. A
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Our airbrush makeup artist, Ally Triolo, is the master of knowing the perfect colors to highlight our clients' features. She paired this light smoky eye with a raspberry lip to highlight Mrs. A's lovely lips.

(The makeup) was gorgeous. It broke my heart a little to have to wash it all out when I got home (couldn’t have my future husband thinking I was up to something!).
— Mrs A
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Our hairstylist, Jade Darrough of Jaded Beauty, has been working with us for years and has definitely perfected the boudoir hair look.

Mrs. A plays a mildly conservative role in her day-to-day life. So when she decided to hire a sought out photographer to capture her *ahem* not so conservative side, we wanted her hair to look freshly.... tousled. This is the classic ‘let your hair fall down’ style and I am just in love with it on her. Maybe we will just start calling it the ‘Mrs. A curl’.
— Jade Darrough, hair stylist
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boudoir photography denver bw moody pearls.jpg
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