We have BIG news!

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boudoir photography denver chandelier.jpg

See that immaculate 1889 Brownstone rowhouse (one year older than the Brown Palace?!)? 

It's in LoHi. 

In like the best neighborhood ever.

It's two blocks from Little Man and Linger

It's one block from Z Cuisine, yoga and pilates studios and a solar-powered organic Tea Bar

And did I mention it's immaculate? The interior is unbelievable.


it's our.



To say we're obsessed with our new space is putting it mildly. 

We rented the house two months ago and spent a month putting 20 gallons of paint on the walls, installing EIGHT chandeliers and six HOURS of ironing long, beautiful curtains. 

Not to mention hauling and building a lot of furniture.

And it was all totally worth it. Because, just look at this SPACE!

boudoir photography denver wrought iron bed.jpg

The light in this space is unreal. 

Especially when paired with our vintage pieces like our wrought-iron bed, red tufted loveseat and vanity.

We've already done several sessions in the new studio and it's been so fun to work in a new and beautiful environment. 

We also have a glamorous clawfoot bathtub and an amazing glass block shower which will definitely be used for steamy boudoir sessions.

And after your session, you get to see this really fantastic living room where we do our client reveals! 

boudoir photography denver reveal room.jpg
boudoir photography denver reveal.jpg

Isn't that couch to die for?

We do things a little differently.

When you see your photos for the first time, we want you to really be blown away. 

It's hard to be blown away when looking at a laptop screen.

Or even a flatscreen TV. So we project your portraits onto a large projector screen. 

You get to feel like a movie star while you watch your little mini film play. 

boudoir photography denver string art wedding.jpg

But we're not JUST doing boudoir sessions in this gorgeous space. 

We have even more big news!

About 90% of our clients are brides wanting to do a gift for their soon-to-be spouse. 

That means we attend a lot of bridal fairs and events with other wedding vendors and we've gotten to know some really amazing people.

Some vendors are so ridiculously nice and talented at what they do that we started recommending them to our brides. 

But we kept thinking, "Wouldn't it be easier if we were all just in one place?"

Welcome to Bliss Bridal Boutiques

boudoir photography denver bliss bridal boutiques.jpg

We took all of our favorite vendors and put them on the main floor of our rowhouse. 

Now when you come to Under the Garter, you also get to see: 

- Our custom jewelry designer, Ashley Anne Jewelry, hard at work on one of her gorgeous pieces. Ask to see her geode work. It's AMAZING.

boudoir photography denver ashley anne jewelry.jpg
boudoir photography denver ashley anne jewelry geode.jpg

- Our wedding photographer, Heather Mason Photography's striking portraits. And hear her sweet Southern voice. She's officially our favorite person from Georgia. 

boudoir photography denver heather mason.jpg
boudoir photography denver heather mason photography.jpg

- An explosion of flowers and gorgeous wedding items from our wedding planner and florist, Privé Events. Brittany and Suz are experts when it comes to making sure your wedding day goes perfectly.

boudoir photography denver prive events.jpg

- Smell the sugary goodness of the cakes and cupcakes our baker, Fluffed & Frosted, has brought into the space. The owner, Jenny, is the master of dessert bar styling. 

boudoir photography denver fluffed and frosted.jpg
boudoir photography denver fluffed and frosted business card.jpg

- Our incredible esthetician and makeup artist, Ally Triolo. It's no secret that we love Ally. She provides airbrush makeup for all of our clients.

But now you can also come to our studio for facials, waxing and bridal trials. Melissa has been getting facials from Ally for several months now and her skin has never looked better. 

And remember that glass block shower we mentioned earlier? Ally can use it to do spray tans and mud wraps. 

boudoir photography denver makeup bar.jpg
boudoir photography denver esthetician bed.jpg

Want to get in touch with one of our vendors? Or have a dream team wedding with all of our vendors? You can reach us at hello@blissbridalboutiques.com. Or just fill out the contact form at www.blissbridalboutiques.com

Wanna see even more photos of our space? Keep scrolling!

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