Meet Melissa. Again.

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I've held off on writing this blog for months. It's a vulnerable thing to put your own boudoir portraits out into the world, especially when your full name is attached to them.

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Like 99.9% of our clients, I'm not thrilled with the way my body looks right now.

I always have such great intentions:

- I'm going to start using my gym membership
-I'm going to stop resorting to take out after a long day of working
- I'm not going to have that margarita on a patio (scratch that. I'm totally doing that. Life is too short).

But it never really happens. Not the way I'd like it to anyway.

Life gets in the way.

We have two businesses (have you checked out Bliss Bridal Boutiques yet?!), two amazing little boys, an epileptic dog, an old home that we're constantly trying to improve and, oh, yeah, a marriage.

After a long day of working, that margarita is not just a want, but a NEED.

But you know what? I still deserve to feel beautiful.

And powerful.

And, dare I say, sexy.

Which is where a boudoir session REALLY comes in handy.

I spend so many days watching our clients get pampered, but I rarely take that time for myself.

So I gave myself the same advice I give all of our clients:

- I got a pedicure and manicure a few days before the session
- I went shopping for myself and bought all manner of frilly underthings
- I indulged in a facial to help my skin glow
- and I slathered my body in lotion from head to toe on the morning of my session.

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And then I got to sit in the makeup chair and let Ally and Erin work their magic on me.

I. Was. In. Heaven.

Our stylists are seriously pros when it comes to making you look and feel amazing.

Ally has been with us from the very beginning and we've grown very close.

I trust that girl with anything related to makeup, skincare and fashion. In fact, she's the one I text when I'm freaking out about what to wear for an event. Or when I'm feeling ugly. She always has the perfect answer.

That girl just gets me.

So, of course, I let her go crazy with whatever she wanted and she opted for an intense smoky eye and a nude lip.

Since I had an unusual haircut and hair color at the time, I wanted to really play that up with a different hairstyle than we normally do. I showed Erin a photo and she knocked it out of the ballpark.

Have I mentioned how incredibly lucky I feel to have such talented stylists on our team?

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Then came time for the shoot...

You're all going to laugh, but I was seriously so nervous for my session that I almost threw up in the shower that morning.

Yes, my husband is the photographer. Yes, he thinks I'm sexy and wants to only take flattering photos of me.

But I was seriously convinced that he could take these amazing, beautiful photos of other women, but he wouldn't be able to do the same for me.


I seriously believed he wouldn't be able to get even one good photo even though I see the magic he creates on a daily basis.

After seeing the photos I'm happy to admit I was wrong.

But here's what a lot of clients don't realize (what I didn't realize even): Boudoir sessions are fun. Like a ridiculous amount of fun.

You get to lounge around in gorgeous lingerie, professional airbrush makeup and stunning hair and then this really wonderful, patient man slowly leads you through a series of poses and compliments you the entire time.

And, since he's my husband and I can say this: He's hot.

So, this hot guy is very sweetly directing you every step of the way and then telling you the entire time how beautiful you look and that you're totally nailing the poses.

Um, can I do this every day? Why was I so nervous?!

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Aside from all of the pampering, I really wanted to do a session because I've changed so much from my last session. You can see that one here. 

I believe strongly that women should exist in photos. Especially moms. And women who aren't happy with their appearance.

I often tell clients what a big ego boost it is to see their favorite boudoir portrait as a canvas above their bed each morning. It forces you to look at the canvas each day and remind yourself that you're beautiful.

It can be hard to still believe that when your canvas is several years old though. You just don't look the same anymore.

That's why I recommend doing a boudoir session after (or during) a big life event -- before marriage, during a pregnancy, after a milestone birthday.

It's so important to celebrate each new version of you. Because YOU are beautiful. Every step of the way.

I'm so glad Ray helped me remember.

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