We're Published! Again!

Earlier this year, we were really excited to tell you that our Marie Antoinette-inspired session was published in a gorgeous magazine.

We found out yesterday that we've been published AGAIN!

In this jaw-dropping, super sexy magazine, Philosophie, the magazine for the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.

The magazine honored us by not only including one of our dudoir or male boudoir portraits for their "Dude-oir Gallery", but they included some lovely words that we wrote about how we approach photographing men and capturing their form.

The text reads:

"Sensuality transcends gender.

Wrapping light and shadow around the human form is sexy in itself. Men's and women's bodies take different form, yet boudoir portraiture for both is similar. Laughter and playfulness between photographer and subject help foster a sense of calm and safety. Creating that feeling together draws the individuality out of each client or model straight through the lens and onto the image.

We thought at first that photographing men might leave us at a loss for where to even begin finding the sexy in male clients, but it just flowed effortlessly from the first session.

Our images can gravitate to mouths and eyes with women and starting the session that way with men works too. Mouths express passion. Eyes communicate intent. When the frame highlights a mouth, adding cleavage or pecs; feminine abs and curves or a man's six pack to the frame completes the backdrop as they fall off into softer focus. Eye direction can communicate soft submission, introspection and ease, or come-hither desire.

Boudoir and "dude-oir" have the same goal as other types of portrait photography. That is, to elicit permission to see into the person in front of the lens, then catch those moments when they reach their greatest comfort and share themselves with us."

Ready to see the portrait that was chosen for the magazine?

They chose our photo of Mr. C on the right. You can see more of Mr. C's session, along with his girlfriend here.