Meet Mrs C!

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We love doing bridal boudoir sessions.

We get to see beautiful, delicate bridal lingerie, the most amazing wedding shoes and a variety of different wedding veils.

And, of course, we're entrusted with the important job of creating beautiful products that will be presented to their future spouse on their wedding day. It means a lot to us that our brides trust us with such an important gift.

In addition to bringing beautiful bridal lingerie and a gorgeous cathedral length veil, Mrs. C brought her husband's wedding tie. We love the pop of turquoise against her skin.

bridal boudoir turquoise wedding tie denver.jpg
bridal boudoir cupcakes baking denver.jpg

Mrs. C. also brought an adorable red apron with white polka dots and some baking supplies.

The apron fits like a little dress and Melissa completely fell in love with it.

Now she wants one in every color.

Mrs. C. loves to bake and knew her groom would love the personal touch when looking at her boudoir album.

We made sure to stop by Whole Foods on the morning of her session and pick up a couple of delicious cupcakes for her.

We love finding out about our client's hobbies and encourage them to bring props to their boudoir session.

bridal boudoir baking cupcakes taste denver.jpg

The props can be items that are personal to you as an individual, related to your relationship or something that your significant other loves.

We've had all sorts of fun props in the studio, including:

  • skateboards
  • snowboards
  • golf clubs
  • baseball mitts
  • musical instruments, including guitars and drums
  • weights
  • poker chips and playing cards
  • vinyl records
  • and even super hero costumes!

The options are really endless!

If we can fit your prop in the studio, we can probably find a way to make it work.

Bringing in these items help personalize your session and allow us to give you an experience that is completely unlike anything else we've done.

If you have an idea for a prop for your boudoir session, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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bridal boudoir cathedral veil white lingerie detail.jpg

The lovely Sara Duffey created the hair and makeup look for Mrs. C's bridal boudoir session.

Mrs. C. has long, beautiful hair and an absolutely stunning face. Sara knew exactly how to enhance Mrs. C's features.

Our client requested that we only show anonymous images of her, so unfortunately we can't show you the beautiful look Sara created for us.

Just know that it was absolutely stunning!

In addition to being an incredibly talented makeup artist, Sara is a beauty coach and lifestyle blogger.

Sara really bares her soul on her blog.

She writes about all sorts of important things about being a mom and continuing to grow into an amazing person.

She doesn't shy away from potentially embarrassing topics and after reading her blog, you feel like her new best friend.

And, of course, she sprinkles some style and makeup tips to help you look your very best.

You should check out her blog.

We loved having Mrs. C in the studio and it was so much fun creating this very personal gift for her groom.

The cupcake shots were especially silly and we all spent a lot of time laughing during that segment.

You can see more of Mrs. C's portraits below.

bridal boudoir cathedral veil denver.jpg
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bridal boudoir ring detail denver.jpg
bridal boudoir ring detail white lingerie denver.jpg
bridal boudoir white cathedral veil detail denver.jpg
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