A man's perspective: Why a woman should book a boudoir shoot

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Hi, this is Ray. My wife, Melissa, looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal to me, the leading actress from "Batman Begins" and "Secretary" (what a sexy film!) I'm not the first to say she does.

However, when she looks in the mirror, all she seems to see is a Picasso. A surrealistic (maybe even a little distorted) artist's rendition of a woman.

To hear her tell it, I swear we see vastly different reflections of her in the same mirrors.

Personally, I think her smile contributes to global warming.

Her blue eyes sparkle like a five-carat engagement ring in midday sun.

I feel like I could rappel safely from her shoulders to her sexy bum on her long, healthy hair.

But all my Rapunzel sees is the occasional split end. All she says about her bum is something about alleged cellulite that I somehow overlooked while I was staring straight at it.

Sorry -- lost my train of thought. Oh yes, my beautiful wife. . .

MY list of her other body parts that I also enjoy staring at is a long one.

HER list of things wrong with whatever part of her that I might list is ALSO long.

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My wife and I are boudoir photographers. We understand that my wife's self image sounds very much like that of most clients we shoot portraits for. Her perspective of her own body seems common to women of all shapes, ages and body types. My wife is just like most other women.

So, what to do about all that self-criticism. . .

I know -- a boudoir shoot! Yes -- my wife and I shoot boudoir every day so how did boudoir show her how truly beautiful she is? How can it help your own wife or girlfriend's confidence?


This time she got to be the client.

Two professionals artists gave her the hairstyle and makeover that we provide for all clients. I directed and posed her and took photos same as we would for any other client.

But here's what she also got from the kind of boudoir portrait session we deliver to all our clients: She got to see herself as others see her. As I see her. As a photographer, as her husband and as a man. She finally saw what the world sees when she walks into a room.

A feminine, vibrant, beautiful and sexy example of everything that's right about a woman.

I am certain most men see their girlfriends and wives like I see mine -- gorgeous, desirable and not at all like any Picasso!

Boudoir just helps them see your perspective of them for themselves.

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