Meet Mrs. M.

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Mrs. M came in with a friend so they could do their boudoir sessions together.

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One client is from the Western Slope, while the other lives in Denver so they had a lot of fun catching up.

Having both of them in the studio meant lots of laughter and encouragement.

We try to laugh a lot in the studio. It makes our already amazing job even more fun and it relaxes our client. And a relaxed client means lots of sexy images.

As you can see, Mrs. M totally nailed the sultry look.

Ally Triolo, our amazing airbrush makeup artist, applied a gorgeous red lip that went perfectly with Mrs. M's dark hair.

Kaylee Martin gave Mrs. M soft, beautiful curls with tons of volume -- the perfect style for boudoir.

Mrs. M brought a lot of items with black lace, which added to the dramatic, sexy look of her portraits.

We're fans of pretty much all lingerie, but we always recommend bringing in lace. It's never a distraction and photographs so beautifully.

We especially love the images Ray captured of Mrs. M on our chaise. You can see one at the top of this post. With the red lip and dramatic lighting, she looks like an old Hollywood starlet.

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