We Got Published!

In a really amazing, gorgeous, international magazine!

boudoir photography denver Marie Antoinette layout 1.jpg
boudoir photography denver magazine marie antoinette layout 2.jpg
boudoir photography denver philosophie magazine layout 4.jpg

We feel so honored to be among the incredible photographers featured in Philosophie, the magazine for the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.

The magazine is absolutely stunning -- by far the most beautiful magazine we've ever laid eyes on.

Two of our sessions were chosen -- a Marie Antoinette-styled boudoir session, as well as an industrial outdoor boudoir session.

We really put a lot of effort into -- and had a lot of fun with -- the Marie Antoinette session, so it's really exciting to see it get international recognition.

Want to purchase a copy of the gorgeous magazine? You can get it here.

boudoir photography denver outdoor industrial.jpg
boudoir photography denver philosophie magazine marie antoinette layout 3.jpg