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Meet Mrs. M

chaise stockings lingerie boudoir photography denver.jpg

I love this woman. Like wanna-be-her-bff kind of love.

boudoir photography denver mens dress shirt.jpg

Mrs. M is so ridiculously sweet and funny and interesting. It doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous to boot.

Her husband is just as nice and funny and interesting.

They're like the perfect couple. It's really not fair.

It does, however, make for a really fantastic boudoir session and reveal session for us.

Mrs. M's husband works as a manager in an office, so she included one of his dress shirts and a beautiful tie.

It's really easy to personalize a boudoir session and we always encourage clients to bring in clothing items or props that are personal to them.

Mrs. M also brought in some really beautiful bra and panty sets for her boudoir session.

I always tell clients that lace photographs beautifully and the lace on this black number was no exception.

Mrs. M added a garter belt and black stockings for some extra umph.

Mrs. M has gorgeous lips and our airbrush makeup artist, Ally Triolo, emphasized them further by painting them with a beautiful red lipstick.

lips lingerie stockings boudoir photography denver.jpg

hair cleavage lingerie boudoir photography denver.jpg
wedding ring red lingerie boudoir photography denver.jpg
tattoo wedding ring black lingerie boudoir photography denver.jpg
turquoise chaise hair boudoir photography denver.jpg