We had the privilege recently of photographing the beautiful Jenny.

boudoir photography denver intoxicating gaze.jpg

Aren't her eyes sultry?

Jenny flew into Denver from another state to do a shoot with us and we're thrilled she picked our studio to work with.

It's a huge compliment for us when someone from out of state notices our work. 

boudoir photography denver goddess pose jenny.jpg

Every time someone books a shoot with us, I ask them why they want to have photos done. Jenny's response was perfect. Boudoir SHOULD be a gift for you as well! 

I wanted to have these pictures taken for my husband, but even more than that I wanted to have them taken for me.
— Jenny

It makes us so happy when a woman comes into the studio because she knows that experience will help her see that she's gorgeous and sexy.

It can also be an incredibly empowering experience. 

And, of course, we try to make sure that it's a fun experience as well.

We serve your favorite wine, play your favorite music and try to laugh a lot. It wasn't a difficult task with Jenny.

boudoir photography denver looking up smile.jpg
boudoir photography denver shirt pearls smile.jpg

Isn't she adorable? Jenny kept a smile on her face almost the entire time she was in our studio and we had so much fun interacting with her.

She had a great time with our hair and makeup pros as well. 

Kaylee created beautiful soft waves in Jenny's beautiful, incredibly shiny hair. 

Nikki, one of our new makeup artists, created a soft smokey eye look that made Jenny's eyes pop and paired it with a lipstick that went perfectly with Jenny's skin.

boudoir photography denver jenny chaise hair.jpg

Her husband was equally easygoing and we loved having him in the studio during the reveal session.

Typically boudoir shoots are a surprise, but Jenny's husband was well aware of the fact that she did the shoot with us and was excited to see the photos. 

boudoir photography denver goddess pose ring smile.jpg

Together they were able to pick some really beautiful images for an Italian leather album that I'm sure they'll treasure for years.

The best part of Jenny's reveal session?

Aside from seeing her gorgeous photos and seeing their reactions, of course?

Jenny gifted us with a jar of homemade huckleberry jam!

It's currently hiding in the pantry and will only be used for very special occasions.

We may or may not be keeping it a total secret from our children.  

We really treasure gifts from our clients, especially homemade ones that surely took hours and hours of work. 

It means the world to us that she enjoyed the experience with us enough to share such a wonderful gift. 

boudoir photography denver blue eyes smile.jpg
When I took my husband to see the pictures I already knew they would be amazing, but he was blown away, in fact he had trouble speaking.

We ordered a beautiful 10x10 album, mostly because of the incredible quality, and we couldn’t believe that we received it less than a week after we ordered it.

At this point I wasn’t even surprised that it turned out to be completely flawless, and we will cherish and value this book forever.
— Jenny
boudoir photography denver smile bed.jpg

Jenny and her husband are champion Nordic skiers, so we had to make sure we added something wintry to her look.

Her cute winter hat and a blanket from our studio helped create a winter scene. 

A cup of hot coffee completed the look.

They ended up being some of Melissa's favorite photos from her session, although it's hard to pick a favorite.

boudoir photography denver coffee winter hat.jpg
boudoir photography denver winter coffee.jpg
Ray and Melissa are the absolute definition of professional. They tell you exactly how to pose, and you get to watch Ray demonstrate a lot of them, which to me meant that they are willing to be vulnerable too.

It was so fun, and there was so much laughter. These two have the experience of boudoir photography down to an art, and it makes perfect sense. They are both so smart and funny, and they work together as a seamless team.
— Jenny
boudoir photography denver tushie heels.jpg
boudoir photography denver pearls tushie.jpg
boudoir photography denver shirt pearls cleavage.jpg

For some of the shirt shots, we added the gray pearls we keep in our studio. 

If you've fallen in love with those pearls, make sure you request them during your session.

As you can see, they photograph beautifully. 

We also have several other jewelry options in the studio, so don't be afraid to ask to see our collection. 

It was completely worth every penny, and I cant wait to do this again someday.
— Jenny
boudoir photography denver legs heels.jpg
boudoir photography denver lips detail.jpg
boudior photography denver eyes lips detail.jpg


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