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Last year, Denver's A List voters chose us as one of the top five Best Portrait Photographers! In 2013, we finished fourth out of 190 portrait photographers nominated by A-List voters.

We set out to win it in 2014! Our supporters kept us in first place for quite a while, until two other photographers surged past suddenly. When the votes were all counted, we finished Third Best.

So, how did we "Win?"

Well, we call it a win because, we were voted higher in 2014 than 2013's winner, who is a very well established photographer in Denver's boudoir circles. But the most important fact for us is that neither that established boudoir photographer nor the 2014 first- and second-place finishers actually specialize exclusively in boudoir. They also shoot wedding, family and various other kinds of portraits.

So, while we may not have been voted best portrait photographer overall, we are absolutely the boudoir-specialist photographer with the highest number of A-List votes.

To us, that's a win. Thanks to all of you that voted for us in 2014!

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