We read recently about a photography installation that shows the same woman photographed once standing nude (left photo) and once again standing nude (right photo) with pre-cosmetic-surgery markings written all over her body.

The artist asked viewers of the installation to write down three things they loved about their own body and drop them into a kind of ballot box placed between the two photos. (One woman wrote "my crooked-ass smile!")

We want to ask you to do something like that with us in the comments below (or on our Facebook page if that's easier.) Please share with us (and maybe even with yourself?) three things about your body that you love. 

We ask here because we always ask a similar question of our clients before their session. Something like "tell us what your favorite body parts are and any part of you that you might not want us to feature or focus on."

In addition to creating portraits of a client's faces and bodies, we also like to create detail shots of cleavage, bums, shoulders, lips, lingerie details, legs, eyes, hair, backs, collarbones, jewelry, sexy props, high heels...

What we're saying is this: we just listed over ten parts of a woman's body we like to feature in our portraits (because they're simply beautiful all by themselves.)

We know you can list at least three. Tell us about them and why they're beautiful.

Why are YOU beautiful? Write it down. We already know why but tell us anyway.