#1. Do I have to get naked?

Sexy photos don't require nudity.

At your request, we will take artful topless or nude portraits of you, but you don't have to be nude. Wear anything you think is sexy.

Each of our boudoir photo shoots is tailored to the client, and no two clients (or shoots) are the same.

Pampered by Pros -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg
Sexy Sweater -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg

We've taken sexy photos of girls in robes, wrapped in sheets and even in an oversized sweater.

We strive to take really sexy, classy images that show your personality.

We make sure your boudoir photos comfortably reveal the real you (and nothing else)

Go Bears -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg

#2. Do I have to feel really sexy throughout the shoot in order to create sexy portraits?

You might feel sexy during your shoot, but probably not.

Mostly you'll be in posed in really sexy (but uncomfortable) positions while we try to make you laugh. That's why we include a gift certificate for 60-minute massage with all of our sessions.

We pose you in your boudoir photo session so you'll look sexy even if you don't feel sexy

Think you can't be sexy in a sports jersey? We can do boudoir photos your way.

Sultry Eyes -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg

#3. I don't know how to make those sexy faces

That's what most of our clients think. That's why we direct you every step of the way. You won't even realize you're making a sexy face. But you will. . .

(like this boudoir photo client with no prior experience making sexy boudoir faces)


#4. I don't know how to pose.

Most people don't.

We do. We'll help you pose from your fingertips to your toes. We'll even help "pose" your hair. Don't worry. It's our job to help you.

For your sexy photo shoot, we'll pose you right down to your hair and fingers

(Like this boudoir photography client posing for the first time)

Poses help clients channel their inner supermodel and feel confident on camera


#5. I need to lose those last 10 pounds first.

No. No, you do not. First of all, you're beautiful right now so just stop it.

Still concerned? We only pose you in flattering ways with good lighting and then I use Photoshop.


#6. I'm embarrassed of my stretch marks

We get it. I don't love mine either. But we promise to pose you and light you in ways that hide them.

If you're still feeling uncomfortable, we can wrap you in a sheet. Or you can wear a robe or a cardigan over a sexy bra.


#7. I can't do a shoot because I don't have a significant other

Boudoir portraits definitely make great gifts, but the boudoir session is for YOU.

A boudoir photo session is a gift to yourself (even if the images are for someone else.)

You deserve to be pampered and feel like a supermodel for the day.

And you definitely deserve the ego boost.

It's time for you to see the real you.

Luscious Lips -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg
Boudoir photos can make even the toughest cowgirl a little shy

Boudoir photos can make even the toughest cowgirl a little shy

#8. I don't have enough confidence to be in front of the camera

Neither do most of our clients.

That's why we offer a glass of wine. And laugh. A lot.

It's also why we decided to make our photo shoots longer than most other boudoir photographers.

We start your sexy photo shoot with a few detail shots of you to give you some time to settle in.

We want that extra time to get to know you and help you relax.

Blanket and Coffee -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg

Feeling too shy for boudoir photos?

It won't last, and we take the time to make sure we capture you at your best.

We shoot for two hours.


#9. I can't afford it

It's definitely a highly-rewarding luxury experience.

But we think every woman deserves that experience. That's why we offer payment plans.

We also have a referral program that can go towards your products. Contact us for more info about that.

Luxury Breakfast -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg
Makeup Bar -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg

Welcome to the Makeup Bar

Mascara and Lashes -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg

Come get pampered by professionals

Airbrush Makeup -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg

Get professional airbrush makeup from a licensed esthetician

Deco China Cup --Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg

Have coffee or tea with a light breakfast

Champagne Flute -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg

Enjoy a glass of champagne or white wine

Free laughter with every session


(Of all the ways to be sexy. Laughter is one of the best.)

Laughter in Hat -- Boudoir Photography Denver.jpg

#10. I don't live in Denver

That's OK! We'll come to you. We can travel anywhere in the world. Contact us for details


What are you waiting for, sexy?