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The makeover we provide during a boudoir session isn't just about the outside.

We're helping you transform on the inside, too. 

Sure, it's lots of fun to feel beautiful and sexy for the day and have the photos to prove it. But what we provide lasts longer than that. 

Melissa is surrounded by boys in her house, including a male dog, so when we started doing boudoir, she was thrilled that she'd be surrounded by girly things. She knew she'd have a lot of fun helping girls with their mood boards, styling the shoots and purchasing props.

And all of that has been a lot of fun. But what we didn't expect was how fulfilling doing boudoir shoots would be. We weren't fully aware of the difference we would make in how our clients view themselves. 

We had no idea that clients would come back later and say "You've totally altered the way I carry myself in public. I'm so much more confident now" or "I really never believed I was beautiful until you showed me. Now I believe my husband when he tells me". 

We love that we were able to help these women see who they really are. She was there all along, waiting to be found.

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