Feeling excited? Nervous? Not sure what to do to prepare?

We've got you covered. Below is a list of things to do to make sure you look your very best on shoot day:

{Mrs. C.} awaits a special someone.

{Mrs. C.} awaits a special someone.

Exfoliate: Want luminous skin for your portraits? You're going to need to get rid of those dead skin flakes. We recommend using a gentle exfoliator a day or two before your shoot. Be sure to avoid the eye area and décolletage. Our favorite? Make a paste of baking soda and water. Make sure you test this on a small patch of skin first to see how your skin responds.

Moisturize: After exfoliating your face and body, moisturize from head to toe. 

Manicure/Pedicure: Make sure your fingers and toes are in tip-top shape by getting a manicure and pedicure the day before your shoot. Any earlier than that and you run the risk of getting chips in your polish. We recommend a solid color that isn't too distracting. Red and pink are classic colors that always look good. If possible, bring the polish used to fix any chips that may occur during the shoot.

Don't tan: Freshly tanned skin looks great in person, but blotchy in photos. Don't tan or spray tan for several days before your shoot. 

Get a good night's sleep: No one likes dark circles. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before. We also recommend not drinking alcohol the night before.

Drink lots of water: It really does make a difference! You'll feel better and your skin will look great. 

Hair/Makeup: Arrive with clean, dry hair and a clean face. We'll take care of the rest.

Eat: You'll need your strength for posing. Eat a light meal before you arrive.

Wardrobe: This part is the most fun. Bring several outfits and we'll help you pick the most flattering ones for your shoot. Be sure to also bring accessories/props: jewelry, heels, an item belonging to your significant other. Just make sure you arrive in loose fitting clothes, so you won't end up with marks on your skin. Need some inspiration? Peruse our Pinterest boards. 

Still have questions? Shoot us an email at info@underthegarter.com and we'll be happy to help you.

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