Meet Mrs. B | Boudoir Photography | Denver

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Meet Mrs. B | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Mrs. B

boudoir photography denver boho bed pose.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace bodysuit.jpg

Mrs. B has one of those breezy, boho spirits that makes everyone fall in love with her immediately.


It's not an exaggeration.

We've been friends for a long time and I've never met someone who can instantly make friends with strangers everywhere they go quite like she can.

I know that every time we hang out, we're going to meet lots of interesting people and end up on all sorts of adventures with our new friends.

And they will ALL fall in love with Mrs. B.

They just can't help it.

I was so excited when Mrs. B asked us to do a boudoir session with us.

She planned to surprise Mr. B for Christmas last year and the gift was very well received.

I couldn't wait to show Mrs. B what the rest of the world sees -- a beautiful, charming, interesting woman.

And I was excited to treat her to some pampering.

Mrs. B has been seeing Ally Triolo for her skincare for a while now, so Ally knew EXACTLY which makeup looks would accentuate Mrs. B's beauty perfectly. Tera of Adorn Salon absolutely nailed Mrs. B's request for beachy waves.

There's a reason we're so picky about the stylists we use -- we want only the very best for our clients.

I felt like a queen! Ally and Tera were amazing to work with.
— Mrs. B
boudoir photography denver velvet bed pose.jpg

Thank you again, Mrs. B., for trusting us with this kind of photography. We're so glad we got to show you how amazing you are, inside and out.

This experience wasn’t something I thought I could do, but I am so happy I did! The photos are beyond amazing and I can not stop looking at them! Thank you, Melissa & Ray for giving me confidence to go outside of my comfort zone!
— Mrs. B
boudoir photography denver beachy waves portrait.jpg
I was so anxious to see my photos but those nerves were gone the second i saw the first photo. I’ve never felt so beautiful!
— Mrs. B
boudoir photography denver chandelier wall pose.jpg
boudoir photography denver bed pose kimono.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw bed portrait.jpg
boudoir photography denver rose gold wedding ring.jpg
boudoir photography denver bed portrait.jpg

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Meet Mrs Z | Boudoir Photography | Denver

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Meet Mrs Z | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Mrs. Z

boudoir photography denver seated chaise bw.jpg

Boudoir photography is about so much more than creating fabulous and sensual photos of yourself. At its most basic level, it’s about self empowerment. 

boudoir photography denver red vintage chaise.jpg

We live in a society where there are more cameras than ever. Cell phones have become a blessing and a curse.

Ray could tell you all of the reasons why cell phone cameras are so horrible. And it’s not always just the camera. The lighting. The angles. So many things can and do go wrong.

They’re great for capturing life’s little moments. But they’re bad for our self esteem.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever exercised veto power on which photos can be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram. 

Now raise your hand if you’ve ever spent way too long trying to take a perfect selfie, only to give up. To throw down your phone in disgust that you must be the most hideous thing in existence.

Let me tell you a little secret: it’s not you.

It’s the camera on your phone.

If you’ve ever been professionally photographed, you already know the benefits of getting good photos.

The self-esteem boost.

The sudden confidence.

The movie star strut when you share your photos with people.

Boudoir Photography does that plus so much more. 

boudoir photography denver red vintage chaise blonde.jpg

Can you imagine that confidence spreading to every area of your life, including the bedroom? To finally see yourself how your lover(s) see you? 

Even if you have no esteem issues (lucky you!) haven’t you always wanted to see yourself in the most flattering way possible?

boudoir photography denver bw floor pose.jpg

Our friend, Mrs. Z recently took that plunge. She bucked the trend and booked a boudoir session for herself, for her 40th birthday. 

Take a look at the these photos and you’ll fall in love with the results just like we did! 

How did Mrs. Z feel about her portraits?

It was a dream come true. I’ve used them to decorate my already glam bathroom.
— Mrs. Z
boudoir photography denver bed chandelier.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw jersey.jpg

Mrs. Z experienced what so many of our clients discover: that a boudoir session is a self-indulgent trip to Luxury Island. 

We love spoiling our clients! You already know that our building predates the Brown Palace by a year, that we are filled with vintage furniture, and that we treat you with chocolate, champagne, hair, and makeup. 

We go much, much further than that. Everything we do is with you in mind down to the timing of the session and the photo reveal. 

We book only one photo session per day. We also only schedule one reveal session per day. 


Because we want to make sure that you always have our full attention and that you never feel rushed. 

For us at Under the Garter, empowerment is not just something we preach. It’s something we breathe into every part of our business.

boudoir photography denver bw black angel wings window.jpg
boudoir photography denver black angel wings.jpg
boudoir photography denver gloves stockings.jpg

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Ms. S | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Ms. S | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Ms. S

boudoir photography denver bw bed pose stockings.jpg

There are as many different reasons to get boudoir photography as there are people. More commonly we see people coming in to get unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for their partners, whether it’s for a wedding, anniversary, or birthday. 

One of our favorite reasons are the people who want to get a snapshot of where they are in life. They know how much life can change, especially when you’re not expecting it! 

Recently, Ms. S came in for that very reason.

I personally feel it is very important to get portraits taken, especially in your 20s because life changes so quickly and in unexpected ways, that it is extremely wise to document how you are for a moment that will last more than a lifetime.

I’m very happy with my choice to get the portraits done, and I even though I love them now, I know I will love them more as time goes by.
— Ms S
boudoir photography denver redhead portrait.jpg

Ms. S was a delight to work with and we quickly felt like she was an old friend.

She came into our LoHi Denver neighborhood studio really looking forward to the entire boudoir process.

We want you to fall in love with your photos.

That means everything needs to be perfect. From the hair to the makeup and the outfits to the decor. 

Since we want you to look your best, we use the best in Denver. The best hair and makeup artists. The best decor. The best cameras. The best lighting. The best preparation.


Because when you know you’re in the best hands, you’ll naturally take your best photos. 

Ms. S saw this in practice. From the moment she walked through the door into our 129 year old studio (one year older than the Brown Palace!) she got the star treatment. 

We started out getting her as comfortable and confident as possible.



Then a trip in the chair to get her prepped.

The incredibly talented Ally Triolo applied airbrush makeup and a flawless cat eye liner.

It felt empowering to look like such a doll. I put off having to wash it off as long as I could.
— Ms S
boudoir photography denver louboutins.jpg

From there, she changed into the beautiful outfits that you see here, including a killer pair of Louboutin heels. 

Working under the masterful direction of Ray, she finally fulfilled a long time dream to get some absolutely stunning boudoir photos, especially since her life is going to change dramatically very soon!

I’ve wanted to do boudoir since I was 16. I’m going to be deployed for such a long time so I figured now would be a great time to reward myself and allow myself to feel like a female again since I’ll be in the desert so long.
— Ms S

Her attitude and charisma shine through all of her photos. She is a beautiful person through and through! 

After her deployment, Ms. S came in for a second session! Keep an eye out for those photos soon!

Scroll to see more photos of the beautiful Ms. S.

boudoir photography denver bw airy bed studio.jpg
I bought them for myself, however my best friend is absolutely obsessed with them. She looks at them as if they were brought into existence by magic.
— Ms S
boudoir photography denver bw hardwood floor pose.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw crawl bed.jpg
boudoir photography denver blue bodysuit lace.jpg
boudoir photography denver fine art nude bw.jpg
boudoir photography denver cat eye redhead bed.jpg
boudoir photography denver bed portrait redhead.jpg
boudoir photography denver lace portrait.jpg


Mrs. B | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Mrs. B | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Mrs. B

boudoir photography denver black lace vintage chaise.jpg

So much of self confidence is driven by self perception.

boudoir photography denver chandelier moody.jpg

And as much we know and strive to be comfortable and confident in our skin, it always helps to get little ego boosts here or there. 

What most people don’t realize is how horrible cell phone cameras and mirrors actually are. We build so much of our self image off of these things that warp what we actually look like. 

Have you ever looked at a mirror? Like, really looked at it? Have you seen the tiny distortions? 

Same thing with cell phone cameras. Those lenses are so tiny and inferior.

Is it any wonder so many of us have a “mandatory delete rule” after taking bad pictures? 

And that’s just our public perception.

Things get even more complicated when we get into our “private” perception.

What do we look like in the bedroom.

How does our lover actually see us?

It can be such a touchy topic, but that’s why we’re here. And that’s why we do what we do. 

Improve your self image. Increase your confidence.

Mrs. B, a recent client, got to experience that kind of boost.

boudoir photography denver portrait.jpg

She got a boudoir session as a present for her husband. It’s guaranteed to be the most unique and custom present you can ever get someone!

But the important thing to realize about boudoir is that it’s never about the gift. It’s about the entire experience. From start to finish, you are treated like the amazingly beautiful person that you are!

It starts when you enter our LoHi neighborhood studio in Denver. The building exudes luxury and sophistication which puts you in the perfect mood to be at your sexy best!

boudoir photography denver smiling vintage chaise.jpg

We treat you with champagne and chocolate, helping you relax for your makeover by Denver’s best hair and makeup artists. 

From there, it’s finding the best outfit to capture your unique chemistry.

boudoir photography denver fireplace.jpg
boudoir photography denver fireplace candles.jpg

Mrs. B brought some great outfits that highlighted her vibrant personality: a Green Bay Packers jersey and Super Mario panties.

boudoir photography denver super mario panties.jpg
boudoir photography denver football jersey.jpg
boudoir photography denver football jersey portrait.jpg

We loved it! The contrast with our vintage furniture created a unique and memorable effect. 

Slightly sassy, but very sophisticated.

boudoir photography denver smiling bodysuit.jpg
boudoir photography denver sheer bodysuit floor pose.jpg
boudoir photography denver smiling bed pose.jpg

How did Mr. B respond to his gift?

My husband freaked over the pictures! He muttered, ‘oh my God’ on every page and looked at the book six times when I first gave it to him! He said he’s happy to finally have photographic evidence of how sexy I am.
— Mrs. B

It’s a positive feedback loop, getting professional photos taken, that positively affects every aspect of your life!

Here's proof of Mr. B enjoying his gift. We love it when clients end us photos like this:

boudoir photography denver husbands response.jpg


Boudoir is for EVERY body | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Boudoir is for EVERY body | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Boudoir is for EVERY body

#OpenCO Logo Rec.jpg
boudoir photography denver trans woman tattoos.jpg

Since we opened our doors in 2011, we haven't needed federal, state or local laws to tell us how to be inclusive.

We've always been inclusive.

We haven't talked about it too much -- we don't want our clients to feel tokenized.

We've just added them to our portfolio and written blogs about them.

We've treated them like very other client because they ARE like every other client.

They're men and women just like you, looking for an empowering session.

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision, we just want to remind everyone that we believe boudoir is for EVERY body.

EVERY body, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

We welcome our clients of color, our clients of size, our trans clients, our gay and lesbian clients...

When we say EVERY body, we mean EVERY body.

Please know you're safe in our studio.

Please know you're loved and accepted.

Exactly the way you are.

boudoir photography denver gay couple.jpg
boudoir photography denver trans woman lace bodysuit.jpg
boudoir photography denver asian male dudoir.jpg
boudoir photography denver curvy plus size smile.jpg
boudoir photography denver same sex couple.jpg
boudoir photography denver asian couple.jpg
boudoir photography denver curvy plus size sultry.jpg
boudoir photography denver couples male boudoir.jpg
boudoir photography denver black african american dudoir.jpg
boudoir photography denver curvy plus size.jpg


Mrs H | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Mrs H | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Mrs H

boudoir photography denver smile.jpg

There are as many reasons to do boudoir photography as there are people. 

Mrs. H, one of our recent clients had a great reason to get a boudoir session.

I got the photos as a 40 year old birthday experience for myself. I wanted to do them to set a goal for myself and do something that is outside of my comfort zone.
— Mrs H

A luxury session at Under the Garter is more than just about getting sensual photos of yourself. It’s a way to challenge yourself. To change. To grow. To become a better person.

The whole experience feels like a luxurious reward. From the professional detail to her hair and makeup (gorgeous airbrush makeup by Ally Triolo) to the champagne with chocolates, a boudoir experience can feel like a glamorous vacation. 

Even though Mrs. H did the photos for herself, there is another person who got to share in her accomplishment.

boudoir photography denver chaise bw.jpg
I intermittently send them to my hubby. He loves them! They are a great way to tease and flirt again. He said the quality of the photos as good as the ones he sees in magazines. Crazy! Thanks for helping him see me like he does the super models.
— Mrs H

The benefits also last far longer than the day of the photo shoot.

So often, these little things can have a huge ripple in our lives. 

Having done this for years, I know the difference professional photos can have on how others see you. And how we see ourselves. 

Words can’t really express how the portraits make you feel. I was actually in awe. I couldn’t believe it was me!
— Mrs H

We feel pulled in so many directions with all of our different responsibilities. It’s important to take a moment (or a day) to remind ourselves what amazing, beautiful, and sexy humans we all are! 

The photos were elegant, classy, sexy, and stunning. They took a frumpy 40 year old and made me look fabulous. I hadn’t seen myself like that for many many, many years, since working and kids add more frump than fab! The entire experience helps you find the smiling sexy self again!
— Mrs. H

After seeing the photos, Mrs. H's husband decided to come in for his own session AND a couples session with Mrs. H! Keep an eye out for those gorgeous images coming soon!

boudoir photography denver black lace lingerie.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw lace.jpg
boudoir photography denver chandelier.jpg
boudoir photography denver vintage iron bed.jpg


Mrs. T | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Mrs. T | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Mrs. T

When Ray and I started Under the Garter, we wanted to become the best boudoir photography studio in Denver, Colorado. Not just for ourselves, but for all the beautiful and amazing people in this wonderful city.

You see, boudoir is about so much more than just sexy photos. 

It’s rediscovering ourselves. Our sensuality. Our strength. Our power.

boudoir photographer denver wedding shirt.jpg

It’s about getting out of our own heads and seeing ourselves through a different set of eyes. Or in this case, Ray’s masterful camera work. 

Photos can only do so much, though. That’s why we crafted an entire experience to elevate you to your best self. 

That’s what Mrs. T discovered when she recently visited us to create some forever memories. What started out as a unique wedding gift for her husband turned into a day of self-empowerment and discovery.

boudoir photography denver bridal antique.jpg

The process started when she walked through the door. 

We’re located in the LoHi neighborhood in Denver. This is a historic area of town, featuring some of the oldest buildings in the area. Our building dates from 1889, which is one year older than the Brown Palace! 

She immediately noticed the details. The space was designed to reflect quality and beauty with simple, elegant details. Expert craftsmanship that reminds you that yes, you are worth it!

From there, she had her hair and makeup artfully crafted for expert photos. 

boudoir photography denver pearls bra.jpg
It was calming to be pampered before the session and made me less nervous.
— Mrs. T

The entire process is designed to elevate and enhance your natural beauty. After all, we’re only capturing what’s already there!

That’s the most important detail we’ve learned throughout our years of portrait photography: comfortable and confident people make amazing photos!

boudoir photography denver black lace.jpg
During the session it was really all about you and making you feel comfortable. I was very nervous at first and this was very out of my comfort zone, but Ray and Melissa made it a great, easy, and fun experience.
— Mrs. T

Everything we do is meant to enhance your comfort and confidence! 

From the little treats like chocolates and berries, to the champagne, to the expert makeup and hair. We help choose your most flattering outfits and pose you in the most alluring poses. 

It all leads to our favorite part: the photo reveal!

We love that look of joy and delight when a client sees their finished photos. It is a life changing experience for many people, to be able to see themselves in the same way that their lover sees them. 

boudoir photography denver bridal veil lace.jpg
boudoir photography denver wedding heels.jpg
boudoir photography denver wedding smile grooms gift.jpg


Meet Mrs. H | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Mrs. H | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Mrs. H

boudoir photography denver fireplace fur smile.jpg

I think we’ve all been in that same position before. Trying to find the perfect gift for your lover. You ask and they say that they’re fine. They have everything they want. 

Well, what if you still want to get them something? Something unique? Something one-of-a-kind?

We see it over and over again at Under the Garter and we love helping our clients shock and wow their lovers!

Whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday, Christmas, or "just because," we never tire hearing about how boudoir photos make a perfect gift for those people who have everything!

Plus, it’s a treat for you, too! That makes boudoir photography the perfect win-win situation!

boudoir photography denver crawl mirror.jpg

Mrs. H was one of our recent clients who discovered the powerful effect of a boudoir photo session. 

You see, it’s not just about the photos. It’s about everything that goes into making the photos. 

Walking into our LoHi neighborhood studio, guests are struck by the luxury and craftsmanship of one of Denver’s oldest buildings. 

boudoir photography denver black stockings.jpg

It started with all the creature comforts to help Mrs. H feel as comfortable and beautiful as possible. We start with champagne, fancy treats and chocolate: the perfect combination for relaxation. 

After that, Mrs. H got her hair and airbrush makeup done by Denver’s best team. This was the perfect time to experiment with a different, more sultry style!

I loved the false eyelashes!
— Mrs. H
boudoir photography denver fur chandelier.jpg

We loved the outfits that Mrs. H picked out. The lingerie, much like our vintage furniture, was simple and perfectly accentuated the natural beauty of Mrs. H. 

Posing for boudoir photography can be difficult. It takes work to pose your body so it appears perfectly for the camera. Mrs. H was the perfect client and was soon posing like a natural!

boudoir photography denver sexy lingerie.jpg
My favorite part was halfway through taking the pics when I became comfortable with myself and I had a better idea of what to do. It’s when the magic happened and you can see it in the photos.
— Mrs. H

There is definitely something magical that happens when a client undergoes a shoot and hits that moment when confidence, strength, and sexiness becomes natural. We imagine it’s the same thing that their lover sees in their most intimate moments.

That’s the true magic of boudoir - capturing and preserving these intimate moments of tenderness and sensuality for all time. 

It’s a gift that is not only unique, but can be transcendental. 

My husband loved his gift so much that he stared at the pics instead of participating in the rest of Christmas Day. Should have given the gift at the end of the day!
— Mrs. H
boudoir photography denver bedroom eyes.jpg
boudoir photography denver fur bw.jpg
boudoir photography denver fur wall pose.jpg
boudoir photography denver sexy crawl.jpg
boudoir photography denver smile pearls.jpg
boudoir photography denver victoria secret hair style.jpg