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Meet Mrs. E | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Mrs. E | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Mrs. E

Denver Boudoir Photography | Under the Garter

We love it when new brides want to surprise their new spouse with a special wedding gift of boudoir photos. There is something inspiring and humbling about creating timeless moments for couples.

Mrs. E was an absolute delight to have in our luxurious LoHi Denver, Colorado studio! She came to us after getting a referral from her wedding makeup artist, Ally Triolo. Ally has been our makeup artist for over 5 years!

After getting her hair and makeup dolled up, Mrs. E settled into our studio for some breathtaking photos!

I loved my hair and makeup ladies! They made me feel really comfortable and beautiful for the shoot.
— Mrs E
Denver Boudoir Photography | Under the Garter

The best thing about boudoir is not just the confident and sexy photos that their partners will cherish forever.  It's also the feeling that our clients get right before their wedding.

You see, everyone has "those" photos that their friends put on Facebook and Insta. The weird smile. The bad angle. The awkward light.

A boudoir session is the PERFECT way to erase those awkward photos and see yourself the same way that your new life partner sees you: strong, soft, and sexy!

My favorite part was when my husband opened up the gift on the wedding day.
— Mrs E

Speaking of soft, we LOVED the photos of Mrs. E in her fur! It looks like the perfect accessory for cold winter day.

Denver Boudoir Photography | Under the Garter

Boudoir is MORE than just the photos. It's about taking time for YOU. It's about giving yourself the attention and care you deserve. From the champagne to the chocolates, from the beautiful clothes to the professional hair and makeup, boudoir is a luxury experience everyone should enjoy. 


How to Get Ridiculously Soft Skin | Boudoir Photography | Denver


How to Get Ridiculously Soft Skin | Boudoir Photography | Denver

How to Get Ridiculously Soft Skin

*This blog post contains affiliate links. We hope you love these products as much as we do!

We're always trying to help our clients feel confident and sexy in their skin. And for me, that starts with having super soft, hydrated skin.

That can be a tough feat during the colder months in Denver, Colorado.

It seems like I spend months with dry, itchy skin, so I'm always looking for new ways to combat it.

And I think I've finally figured out the best way to get soft, hydrated, GLOWING skin. Seriously. It's ridiculous how soft my skin is right now.

The very best part? It involves just a couple of very inexpensive items.


Step 1:

First, start with this bad boy.

It's *probably* supposed to be used for dry brushing, but that's a little too intense for my sensitive skin.

So, I use this in the shower with my favorite body wash, Alba Botanica Very Emollient Honey Mango Shower Gel.

This stuff smells like HEAVEN. I buy it 32 oz. at a time, because I never want to be without it.

Back to the brush.

Use a circular motion and pay special attention to knees, elbows, ankles and feet.

This brush has completely rid my feet of calluses, which blows my mind.


Step 2:

This last step is VERY important. Otherwise you're just exfoliating and drying out your skin.

Right after stepping out of the shower, rub sweet almond oil into your skin.

A little bit goes a LONG way, so this 4 oz. bottle should last you for quite some time.

For reference, I can use just a few drops for an entire arm.

You'll want to let the oil absorb into your skin before getting dressed.

Yes, this adds a few more minutes to your routine, but I use that time to focus on my skincare regimen for my face.

If you have tile or hardwood floors, make sure you have socks nearby and immediately put them on or you will a) slip and fall on your face and/or b) leave oil marks all over your hardwood floor.

I may or may not have a very frustrated husband after leaving oily footprints throughout the house.

And THAT'S IT! Just two super simple steps, using inexpensive ingredients!

I'm able to do this every day without any issues, but don't overdo it if you feel like this is irritating your skin too much. And, of course, avoid using the brush if you have eczema or psoriasis.

Have an almond allergy? I highly recommend jojoba oil as well.

Try this out and let me know how it goes!


Meet Mrs. L | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Meet Mrs. L | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Meet Mrs. L

boudoir photography denver blue lace bed pose.jpg
The entire experience. All of you made me feel like a million.
— Mrs L, on her favorite part of the experience
boudoir photography denver shadowy bw.jpg

Today's Throwback Thursday session is focused on the sexy and sassy Mrs. L.

Nothing thrills me more than when a client is comfortable, confident and has a great sense of humor.

We had so much fun getting to know this amazing lady -- she kept us laughing throughout the session AND her reveal!

Mrs. L booked a session at our Denver boudoir studio because she wanted to create an unforgettable gift for her husband.

But I think Mrs. L will agree that she got an amazing gift herself.

I loved my portraits. Yes, they did change the way I feel about myself.
— Mrs L
boudoir photography denver blue lace leg detail.jpg

Boudoir has a funny way of changing the way you feel about yourself.

As women, we're often so hard on ourselves and it can be so difficult to REALLY see ourselves.

I can't tell you how many clients tell me that they're not photogenic or they're not thin enough or not young enough for boudoir.

It can be easy to feel that way when the only photos you see of yourself are taken by amateurs at a barbecue or family gathering.

We've all seen photos of ourselves from weird angles and maybe we're blinking or in the middle of talking.

Or, in my case, gesturing bizarrely.

I'm, ahem, a bit expressive when I talk sometimes and it does NOT make for a good photo.

That's why it's so important to be photographed by a professional who understands lighting and posing (and creates a fun, safe atmosphere where you can really relax and have fun).

We don't distort bodies here. We just show you how amazing you look. From all angles. 

But back to that sexy Mrs. L...

boudoir photography denver blue lace bodysuit.jpg
I can not wait to do another shoot!
— Mrs. L

Mrs. L brought in so many wonderful outfits.

We especially love this blue lace bodysuit she picked up from Victoria Secret. The color is absolutely PERFECT for her and I'm basically obsessed with every bodysuit ever made.

We encourage our clients to bring in props and Mrs. L surprised us with a sassy T-shirt and a bag full of lollipops. It made for a very fun end to the session and we were all giggling by the time she left.

boudoir photography denver bw lace bodysuit.jpg
boudoir photography denver red velvet black lace.jpg
The portraits were a wonderful surprise to my husband. Not knowing what to expect, he was silent for a little while, then told me I have always been beautiful, but even more beautiful with age.
— Mrs L
boudoir photography denver bed pose bw.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw bed pose long legs.jpg
He is in awe at the pictures. The only word he could find to describe the pictures is ‘stunning.’ He wants more.
— Mrs L
boudoir photography denver topless hands raised.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw fine art nude.jpg
boudoir photography denver legs bw.jpg
boudoir photography denver gold mirror purple pearls.jpg
boudoir photography denver pearls and purple.jpg
boudoir photography denver sultry stare chandelier.jpg
boudoir photography denver bw floor pose.jpg
boudoir photography denver
boudoir photography denver white lace panties.jpg
boudoir photography denver lollipop wanna lick.jpg
boudoir photography denver tshirt lollipops.jpg


Free Luxury Facial | Boudoir Photography | Denver


Free Luxury Facial | Boudoir Photography | Denver

Free Luxury Facial

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 11.45.59 AM.png

Did you know that every boudoir session comes with a FREE facial?

We're really focused on pampering our clients, so we like to provide them with a luxury facial using the best products we've ever encountered -- Sorella Apothecary skincare products.

We recommend booking your facial a few days before your session, but the facial can be used after your session as well.

Facials are provided by our esthetician, Ally Triolo.

Wanna see what a facial with Ally looks like? Check out this video of Melissa getting a facial from Ally.





Meet Anthony | Male Boudoir | Denver

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Meet Anthony | Male Boudoir | Denver

Meet Anthony


Today's blog post is a Throwback Thursday to that time we did a styled shoot with Anthony.

This shoot was part of a larger wedding styled shoot with lots of talented (and fun!) Colorado wedding vendors and Anthony played the part of happy groom perfectly.

(To see which wedding vendors we love, check out our other business, Bliss Bridal Boutiques. We've hand-selected the best wedding vendors in Colorado).

While the wedding vendors were setting up inside the Arvada venue, we took advantage of the phone booth outside for some Superman-inspired dudoir.

Isn't the location perfect?

We were so excited to find a phone booth on set.

But back to Anthony.

Anthony is probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.



We still have yet to meet a more caring male model.

He was up for anything (including my joke about standing nude in traffic) and always had a big smile on his face.

Anthony has also adopted several special needs children and his face lights up when he talks about them.

He's an amazing father and we feel lucky to know him.

Anthony is wearing a custom suit by Andre Holliday Custom Clothing.

Andre creates gorgeous custom suits for everyone from celebrities (seriously. You can see his work on ESPN) to the groom who's never owned a suit.

As you can see, the suit fit Anthony perfectly.

Wanna see more photos of Anthony? Keep scrolling!

male boudoir denver anthony.jpg

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Rock 'n Roll Boudoir | Vendor Feature | Denver Boudoir Photography


Rock 'n Roll Boudoir | Vendor Feature | Denver Boudoir Photography

Rock 'N Roll Boudoir

Do you like your boudoir to have a little more boho, rock 'n roll look? We've got the perfect, local vendor for you.

We've fallen in love with Midnight Rambler's aesthetic. It's like if the Stones and your most stylish friend had a baby.

As we've perused their adorable boutique, we can't help but notice that many of their items would be PERFECT for a boudoir shoot.

Here's what we're loving right now:

Girl on a Vine Springtime of my Loving Moss Green

midnight rambler kimono boudoir session denver.jpg

Ahhhh! Just LOOK at this gorgeous kimono!

This is, by far, one of our favorite pieces in the boutique.

Not only does it look fantastic over jeans, but it compliments bare skin nicely.

It also feels amazing on your skin thanks to the gorgeous velvet.

We can't get enough of it.

It's sure to be a favorite in your closet, especially as the weather starts to get cooler in Denver.

You can find this piece in their store or you can purchase it online here.

Spell Elle Lace Bra and Brief Rosewood

midnight rambler wildflower bra boudoir session.jpg
midnight rambler wildflower panties boudoir session.jpg

We love these delicate pieces. They're comfy for lounging around, while still being sexy. And the cut of the brief is especially flattering for boudoir. You can purchase the lace bra here. You can purchase the lace brief here.

Cleobella Santiago Top

midnight rambler cleobella top boudoir.jpg

Need any more convincing that this would be perfect for a boudoir session?

It's technically a top, but we love it for boudoir.

An added bonus? It's on sale right now.

You can purchase it here.

Sage the Label Red Bodysuit

midnight rambler red bodysuit boudoir session.jpg

Yep, this one is technically a top as well. But, man, we sure do love a good bodysuit for a boudoir session.

And we especially love outfits that can transition from the bedroom to date night to brunch with your friends.

You can purchase this one here.


Pride Wedding | Same-Sex Couples Boudoir | Denver

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Pride Wedding | Same-Sex Couples Boudoir | Denver

Same-Sex Couples Boudoir

same sex couples boudoir denver.jpg

Earlier this year, we received a message from one of our favorite wedding photographers, Carrie Swails

She was planning a fabulous rainbow-themed wedding. At Denver Pride. On a parade float.

The FIRST-EVER wedding of its type.

But she didn't have a videographer. Would we be interested in filming the wedding?

Uh, duh.

First of all, we LOVE Carrie, so we'll use any excuse we can find to work with her. But we also love the LGBTQ community and we're constantly trying to find new ways to support and promote it.

So we spent Father's Day filming a very emotional wedding attended by thousands of cheering people.

I'm not gonna lie -- we both teared up quite a bit that day. Here's what we created.

Many amazing vendors donated their time and efforts to put together this colorful wedding:

Officiant: Married by Maree • Video: Bliss Bridal Boutiques • Planner: Details Details • Photographer: Carrie Swails Photography • Caterer: Culinary Wave • Florist: Fairytale Floral • Desserts: Samm Sherman • DJ: Dancin' Shoes DJ and Lighting • Wedding website: Showit5 by Made in the Lab • Reception decor and details: The Wright Details

The wedding was even featured on Offbeat Bride! Check it out to see lots of amazing photographs by Carrie Swails.

A few weeks after the wedding, we had the boys come into the studio for a little post-wedding couples boudoir.

And. It. Was. Amazing.

The chemistry these two have is electric. They're constantly giggling and being silly together. You can tell they're a very happy couple.

same sex couples boudoir laughing denver.jpg
same sex couples boudoir session smiling.jpg
same sex couples boudoir denver jeans.jpg
same sex couples boudoir tattoos hands.jpg
same sex couples boudoir denver pulling down jeans.jpg
same sex couples boudoir jeans detail.jpg
same sex couples boudoir shadows face.jpg
same sex couples boudoir bw bed sultry.jpg
same sex couples boudoir bed mirror.jpg
same sex couples boudoir bw smiling.jpg
same sex boudoir session smiling bw.jpg
couples boudoir session bed sheets.jpg
same sex couples boudoir bw tattoos.jpg
same sex couples boudoir kiss bw.jpg
same sex couples boudoir session shower denver.jpg
same sex couples boudoir shower bw.jpg

We're so thrilled we got to be a part of not only their wedding day, but their sexy post-wedding boudoir session.

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What to Wear Wednesday | Suited Sexy

What to Wear Wednesday

Welcome to What to Wear Wednesday, our weekly series where we show you different items to rock during your boudoir session.

Think that tuxedo jacket can only be used for formal events? Pair it with lingerie for a sexy boudoir session in our Denver studio.

Want to wear some of these items for your boudoir session? Find shopping information below.

Suited For Sexy

Jaeger lightweight jacket
$120 -

IRO white jacket

Hanky Panky panty

$95 -

Sexy thong

River Island high heel shoes
$62 -

Isabel Marant black sandals

Flower jewellery
$2.47 -

Olia gold jewelry
$43 -

Robert Goossens pearl jewelry
$785 -

Phase Eight flower corsage
$19 -

Brooks Brothers accessory

River Island lipstick
$5.56 -

Bulgari fragrance


Alexander McQueen home decor